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Sea of Thieves Curses: How to Obtain All the 4 of Them?

Have you ever wanted to live the life of a pirate? Craving to sail through raging storms and encounter mystical creatures? 

Well, Sea of Thieves is a PC game that lets players do all that and so much more!

Developed by Rare and published by Microsoft, Sea of Thieves is a first-person action-adventure. The game is also a multiplayer that allows pirates to team up with each other to complete voyages. Furthermore, players can choose to battle it out with other ships, boarding them for extra loot.

The game also boasts aesthetic enhancements which come in the form of curses. While these curses do not have any in-game benefits, they change the appearance of the character. Thus, allowing players to show off their exploits in style.

Obtaining Curses in Sea Of Thieves

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? But, these fancy props don’t come easy. Pirates are talking about curses like hot potatoes mainly due to their rarity. Above all, knowing where to look, putting in the extra hours, and staying committed till the end will guarantee that you have all four curses in your chest.

To amass the coveted curses, players must go on multiple voyages completing the tell tales. These tales contain a plethora of missions sinking pirates for hours on end.

With that being said, let’s dive in and take a detailed look at how we can obtain all four curses in Sea Of Thieves. 

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1. The Ashen Curse

The Ashen Curse

One of the easiest curses to obtain in Sea of Thieves is the ashen curse. It makes the avatar radiate from within, especially around the chest and hands. Additionally, it also makes certain scars on the head glow. 

Here is the process to obtain the ashen curse in Sea of Thieves.

  • Players must head to The Charred Tavern in Morrow’s peak and vote on a Tall Tale.
  • Upon receiving instructions from Captain Pendragon, set sail for Liar’s Backbone to commence the hunt for the traitorous Stitcher Jim. 
  • After locating the lair on the island’s north side, players must pull a lever to gain access to Jim’s hideout. 
  • Pirates will need five journals to unlock the ashen curse, one of which is on the table to the left.
  • Turn the pillars in the room until they read ‘Captain Flameheart.’ Further on, grab the mysterious key in the room and head to Devil’s Thirst to confront Stitcher Jim.
  • Players must once again make their way to the north of the island—however, diving underwater this time to use the mysterious key, revealing a skull shape doorway.
  • Follow the orange crystals at every turn to reach a chamber with three colored doors with symbols.
  • The trick to open these doors is hidden on the ceiling. Throw a bomb at the corresponding symbol on the roof to open the door. 
  • Proceed through the blue door, avoiding all fire traps by patiently waiting for them to go off. Gamers will have to battle enemies as and when they appear, all while you make your way forward.
  • Jumping over rocks across a pool of lava, stop by the pile of skulls on the left.
  • After carefully examining the pile, players will find the second journal vital to unlocking the curse. Make your way back to the starting chamber.
  • Prepare to go through the green door this time. However, before you do, pick up the third journal modestly situated in front of the door.
  • Inch your way forward by killing enemies and throwing bombs at skulls blocking the path.
  • Halt next to a wooden cross, and in case players have already guessed it by now, there’s another pile of skulls. Grab the fourth journal from the pile and return to the starting room.
  • Finally, head through the last door and fight your way till you reach a room filled with spikes. 
  • The fifth journal is on the floor in the second cubicle. Despite its prominent positioning, this journal is easily overlooked by players due to the moving spikes.
  • At the end of the hallway, players will be rewarded with Stitcher Jim’s chest of rage, which he has forgotten. Grab this and head for the surface.
  • Approach Captain Pendragon after reaching the surface, and he will unlock the chest, revealing the famed ashen curse!
  • The ashen curse will appear in the vanity chest on a players’ ship.

There you have it! After completing this tall tale, players will be able to advertise their hard-earned curse in Sea of Thieves.

2. Curse Of The Order

Curse Of The Order

Want your avatar to have glowing black orbs for your eyes? How about pitch-black paint gracing their cheeks? Let’s take a look at how we can obtain this curse and enhance our character’s appearance.

At the end of this walkthrough, players will have secured the curse of the order. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Begin by visiting Madame Olivia on the Plunder Outpost. As a hint, players will be able to see the effects of the curse on her face.
  • Activate the tale by voting in the tale book next to Madame Olivia.
  • Start the quest by reading the book ‘Chronicle of Forgotten Lives.’
  • Players will be tasked with killing Captain Avery and her two henchmen. However, her location differs according to the hint given in the book.
  • The following venues are potentially where players can find Captain Avery: Shark Bait Cove, Castaway Isle, Wanderer’s Refuge, Devil’s Ridge, and Barnacle Cay.
  • After completing the task, loot the skeleton key from Captain Avery and read the memoirs of Blackheart Bill.
  • The location of the chest that resonates with the key will be revealed in the book. Consequently, it will fluctuate based on the text in the book.
  • Crook’s Hallow, Discovery Ridge, Thieves’ Haven, Mutineer Rock, Lookout Point, and Plunder Valley are the possible locations.
  • Pirates will know they are on the right path if they come across an enemy named Captain Blake.
  • Look for abnormalities on the ground and start digging to unravel the chest. Once the chest is looted, return to Madame Olivia.
  • Players will receive the enchanted compass with which they can pinpoint the location of the dreaded Captain Briggsy.
  • Due to her countless henchmen, captain Briggsy is a formidable opponent, often overwhelming underprepared crews.
  • Loot the captain’s skull and return it to Madame Olivia, completing the tale and rewarding players with the Fateful Memories Commendation.
  • Players can now check their vanity chest to access the curse of the order!

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3. The Shores Of Gold Curse

The Shores Of Gold Curse

To unlock this curse in your vanity chest, players will have to complete the shores of gold tale. Coincidently, this tale is the final voyage in the main story arc of the game. Additionally, this curse is the most troublesome curse to get your hands on in the entire game.

Let’s take a look at the perquisites to obtaining this curse.

  • Pirates following this guide are already on their way to obtaining the shores of gold curse. However, they will be required to complete the initial Tall Tales five times each!
  • Players can check their progress at the bottom of the entry and, upon completion, will receive a tick in the corner.
  • Most importantly, players must have a checkmark on all entries before attempting the shores of gold mission for the fifth and final time.
  • Upon receiving the commendation ‘Seeker of Grand Adventure,’ the curse will be available in your vanity chest.
  • True to the motif of gold customization, players will also receive a gold figurine to place on their ship.

While this curse will take pirates the longest to achieve, the gold splashed on the avatar’s body makes the whole look complete. 

And are you even a pirate in Sea of Thieves if you aren’t flashing a little gold?

4. Legendary Pirate Curse

Legendary Pirate Curse

By the time players get to obtain this curse, they would have already tamed the ocean in Sea of Thieves. Equipping pirates with blue eyes like Poseidon, this effect is easily noticed by other players in the game. 

Additionally, shirtless avatars will also receive a radiating skull on their chest. Also, pirates donning this curse will send a bold message across the seas that they are not to be trifled with.

Let’s take a look at how we can obtain the final curse in Sea of Thieves.

To procure the pirate legend curse, players will have to increase the reputation of their companies. Moreover, the reputation requirement for this curse is exceptionally high, requiring players to attain legendary status with at least three major companies.

This means that players will have to gain fifty levels with any three of the following companies in Sea of Thieves.

  • Order of Souls
  • The Hunter’s Call
  • Sea Dogs
  • Merchant Alliance
  • Reaper’s Bones
  • Gold Hoarders

By achieving a legendary reputation for any of the three mentioned companies, pirates will unlock this legendary curse in their vanity chest. Thus, they’ll be conquering the seas and obtaining all curses in Sea of Thieves.


The journey to obtaining all curses is a long and arduous one. However, players embarking on this grand voyage are sure to be rewarded with the finest visual effects in Sea of Thieves.

Stand out in a crowd of dull captains by advertising your newly acquired curses. Pull up your anchor, un-mast the sails, and let the wind carry you and your ship towards your desires in Sea of Thieves!

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