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Call of Duty Warzone: How to Mute Players

Each new week of gameplay brings another slew of challenges for Call of Duty Warzone cheats fans, from missing wins to various dev error messages. One of the most common challenges, however, is dealing with annoying players that just won’t shut up.

If annoying or offensive Warzone players are putting you off your game, here’s what you can do to silence them.

Why Should You Mute Players on Warzone?

Warzone is a naturally social game where you can find yourself playing with people all over the world. Some gamers are a great addition to the team, but others are better seen and not heard. Muting is one of the easiest ways to stay focused and avoid getting into online arguments.

Whenever you enter a match, you’ll automatically hear all the players with you through open mic mode. If the language is bad, this can lead you to overhearing some pretty shocking comments. Warzone is a competitive game at the best of times, so this can lead to some pretty heated discussions.

How to Mute Players in Warzone on PC

To mute Warzone players on PC, go into the Multiplayer game mode and click on your Audio tab. A new window will open, so you can scroll down to the Voice Chat options. Unmute All is on as default, but you can switch to:

  • Mute all except party: This mutes everyone currently playing on your server except the ones that are playing in your party. You’d need to join that party to connect with friends.
  • Mute all except friends: This is how you mute everyone in the game except the people identified as your friends already.
  • Mute all: This mutes everyone in the chat session, so you can focus on your no-scope skills instead. To speak to a player when “mute all” is active, you’ll need to visit their profile and turn mute off manually.

What if you want to mute a single (particularly annoying) person? No problem.

When you’re in your multiplayer match, head to your Settings by pressing the Esc button on the keyboard. Tap on the Scoreboard tab, so you can see all the people you’re playing with. To mute a single player, right click their name, then select the Toggle mute option.

Silence Enemies and Friends in Warzone

Chatting with friends during a game of Warzone can be a blast, but it’s seriously distracting when the wrong people pipe up. Learning how to mute players on warzone will give you more control over your audio so you can shut out the haters.

If you’re having issues with Warzone’s performance on PC, you may need to fix Warzone’s VRAM usage next.

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