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Warzone: How to Aim Better

The free-to-play battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone shows no sign of losing steam anytime soon. With players constantly increasing their skills, and with the pain of skill-based match making to deal with, it’s all too easy for frustration to take over as you get consistently defeated by your peers.

Learning how to aim better in Warzone is an integral part of improving your KDA (kill-death ratio) and overall performance. Here’s how.

Changing Warzone Settings

First, you’ll want to experiment with your setup so that you know what works best for your playstyle. Start by reducing your mouse/controller sensitivity. Look anywhere between 5 and 13 – experimentation is key here, see what works best for you.

Next, tweak your sensitivity levels. This setting is super important as it will help you to lock-on to enemies and prevent your gun from spraying.

PC users can lower your mouse DPI (dots per linear inch) value. Many pro players use 800 DPI, but around 450 DPI is recommended for beginners.

Figuring Range

Enemy distance is critical to understanding bullet drop. The further you are, the more your aim will be affected. This means adapting your aim depending on the enemy’s position.

At short range, always aim for the head. While this may sound obvious, many players still habitually aim for the chest, resulting in longer kill time. Those who really want to aim better in Warzone should practice and perfect headshots at this range. Always hold the fire button and don’t aim down sights straight away—it’ll only slow you down.

If you’re aiming for the chest, target the mid-range. Headshots are much more difficult to pull off at this distance so aim for the larger target. This is a great technique because the enemy is actually helping by shooting at you. Their bullets will cause some recoil, subsequentially allowing you to get the headshot. Again, hold down the fire button to do this.

Long-range is where you will have to make a significant adjustment to your playstyle. Instead of holding the fire button, tap each time you shoot. This is known as tap firing, a technique that fires the weapon lightly to reduce vertical recoil for hard-to-hit targets. This can separate the average player from the experienced player and shouldn’t be ignored by those learning how to aim better.

Learning how to aim better in Warzone will greatly increase your chances of survivability and enable you to reap greater rewards—even if you have an issue where your Warzone wins aren’t counting.

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Charlotte is a freelance content and copywriter. When she's not writing, she loves nothing more than getting way too absorbed in a video game. She has an infinite love for RPG's and is determined to eventually play her way through every game in the genre.

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