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Rust Hacks and Cheats with Aimbot and ESP in 2024

For those looking to secure a competitive advantage in Rust, hacks can be tempting. The key, however, is finding those elusive undetected hacks that can be safely used without jeopardizing your real account.

Navigating the murky waters of the hacking community can be daunting, and the risk of scams is high. That’s why I’ve taken it upon myself to test various providers to bring you the most reliable and user-friendly hacks for Rust. From evaluating the stealthiness of their cheats to assessing their customer service and refund policies, I’ve left no stone unturned in my quest to find the best of the best.

In this article, I’m excited to share with you three standout websites that have proven themselves in 2024 as the go-to sources for top-tier Rust hacks and cheats. Whether you’re a seasoned survivor or new to the game’s challenges, these providers could be your secret weapon in the savage world of Rust.

Best Rust Hack And Cheat Providers for 2024

Image Product
BattleLog Rust Hacks
  • The 24*7 chat is quick and convenient
  • Get access to their Discord and 100k+ member community
  • Rust hacks are undetected from more than 40 days in my testing
RivalCheats Rust Hacks
  • One of the few sites that have local payment methods
  • You can also make payments with crypto
  • They also update the status page every day
AimClub Rust Hacks
  • Hacks have slots that make them undetected
  • You can add emojis and files for an easier resolution to problems
  • The status page is updated constantly to prevent any problems


Battlelog Rust Hacks And Cheats

Check out Rust Hacks on Battlelog

  • The 24*7 chat is quick and convenient
  • Get 1000+ user reviews on the site as they are
  • Get access to their Discord and 100k+ member community
  • Rust hacks are undetected from more than 40 days in my testing
  • Get a refund anytime you want
  • The status page gets updated multiple times a day
  • One of the most pocket-friendly sites 

From pricing, customer support, to undetected hacks, Battlelog checks out on all fronts making it my #1 pick. More about them below.

Hacks are risky, you want to cut the chances of losing your Steam Account due to detected hacks to a minimum and Battlelog does exactly that. How?

Firstly, they work with full-time developers that work around the clock on hacks. Not just developing them with sophisticated technology to keep them hidden from anti-cheats but also further improving them at every step.

All hacks undergo stringent testing for weeks before release. Furthermore, there’s a dedicated Status page that tells you whether hacks are active, inactive, or undergoing an update. 

This keeps new users from wasting money on inactive hacks while preventing existing users from using them and risking their Steam Account to a ban (especially helpful if you use your real accounts and don’t want to lose years of gaming data, purchases, etc.).

Battlelog also scored top marks on customer support. You and I both hate waiting for replies and even worse is when you have to do it for days or weeks after raising a ticket. Thankfully, that’s not the case here.

With a 24*7 chat, anyone can reach out to them irrespective of whether you are in the US, UK, India, etc. And, unlike a lot of the sites, you don’t even need to create an account making the process easier. 

And when you do create an account to buy a hack you also get access to their Discord and Forum/Community. 

Waiting time in the queue was the least on Battlelog at less than 2 minutes and replies were equally quick irrespective of the problem. I contacted them thrice and each time, I was impressed.

The community has over 100K members which makes a great place to connect with other gamers, form teams, discuss issues, learn techniques, etc. 

As for the Discord, I got accepted within 24 hrs and replies are almost instant there as well. Another place you can find quick-fire solutions is the FAQ page.

Apart from that, Battlelog also has the most flexible refund policy. While I am sure you won’t need it, I was still happy to see that there is no time limit as to when you can apply for a refund after buying or renewing a hack. And in most cases, they are happy to return your money for the remaining days.

To top it all, they are also one of the most pocket-friendly sites. Yes, 30-day access to Rust hacks costs about $50 whereas 24-access costs less than $10, much cheaper than some of the other popular sites you might come across.

Once you buy a hack, downloading and installing them takes minutes (even for newbies). This is down to the custom-made downloader.

All in all, they are a 10/10 for me whether it is undetected hacks, reliability, or customer support we are talking about.

2. RivalCheats

RivalCheats Rust Hacks And Cheats

  • One of the few sites that have local payment methods
  • You can also make payments with crypto
  • Goes toe to toe with Battlelog in terms of pricing
  • Chat is available 24*7 though waiting time is a tad higher
  • They also update the status page every day

Why would you want to pay hundreds of dollars for Rust hacks when you can get them for less than $50, right? RivalCheats, while not as amazing as Battlelog, sure is worth the consideration as it is another pocket-friendly site.

Yes, 30-day access to Rush Aimbot, ESP, etc. costs $40 while 24-hour access is even cheaper than Battlelog at $5. 

But even $5 is a lot if the hack gets detected within days, right? Well, with RivalCheats that’s not an issue. My Rust hacks have been up and running for over a month now and so are my friends who purchased them with me.

While that’s down to the sophisticated tech developed by the programmers at RivalCheats, there’s one more important thing their team is excellent at i.e. maintaining the Status page.

Whether any cheat is inactive, active, or undergoing an update, the status of every hack is updated daily ensuring the safety of your Steam accounts. And right on top is the last update date (because there should be no guessing when it comes to safety).

Apart from that, I also love how easy RivalCheats make payments. They have country-specific payment modes which mean even if you do not have PayPal or a Visa card, you should be able to use net banking and other modes.

You can also use Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to make payments.

As for their customer service, I’d rate it a 7/10. While the chat is more easy and convenient than the ticket system, I found all the waiting in the queue a bit annoying. Not as annoying as waiting for days with tickets but Battlelog set the bar really high.

There’s also no Discord or Community/Forum so while chat is good, it is the only problem-solving channel you have.

Even the refunds aren’t as sure-shot as on Battlelog. This is because, as per their policy, refunds rests completely in the hands of their customer staff. So if you want to apply for a refund make sure you have a damn good reason for it.

3. AimClub

AimClub Rust Hacks And Cheats

  • Hacks have slots that make them undetected
  • Get help anytime using the 24*7 chat
  • You can add emojis and files for an easier resolution to problems
  • The status page is updated constantly to prevent any problems

Last on the list comes and I have mixed feelings about them. That’s because they use a special slot-based system for all their hacks including Rust. 

This system means you can miss out on using the hacks when all the slots are full. On the bright side, it reduces the chances of the hacks getting detected. I would only choose AimClub if you are using your real Steam account.

I got their hacks about 27 days back and so far haven’t faced any issue. 

Just like Battlelog and RivalCheats, you’ll find a Status page on AimClub as well. They also do a great job of keeping the page up to date by updating it quickly (within hours) once a hack gets detected or is undergoing an update.

This is important to keep your account and the hacks safe from anti-cheats.

Their sophisticated tech team has also developed a custom downloader that makes it easy peasy to work with all the hacks.

Their customer service is more like RivalCheats than Battlelog. There could be some waiting. Out of the 3 times I contacted them via the 24*7 chat, twice I had to wait about 5-6 minutes.

The replies though were spot on and a tad quicker so finding resolutions is easier. Also, helping with that is the feature to attach files and emojis and once you are done with the chat you can also rate your experience and drop a comment.

Once again, there is no Discord channel or forum/community that you can turn to.

Another drawback with AimClub is that there are no refunds. Once you download the hack and use it, you cannot apply for a refund as their terms and policies clearly state that.

Lastly, their prices are a tad higher. You’ll have to pay about $5 to $10 more on AimClub as compared to Battlelog or RivalCheats. Though it is still lesser than most sites where similar hacks can cost around $100 or more.

Rust Hacks and Cheats: My Verdict

Well, that’s my take on the best hack providers for Rust hacks like Aimbot, ESP, Wallhack, etc.

Battlelog wins that battle hands down not just because their hacks are undetected but also due to the 5-star customer service, Discord, and community. Not to forget the pocket-friendly pricing which ensures you get value for your money.

RivalCheats and AimClub have room for improvement when it comes to customer care. But they are good alternatives as their hacks have remained undetected for weeks during my testing. 

In the end, the choice comes down to your budget and convenience. Some like the slot system. I prefer the quick customer service, cheap pricing and, making new friends in the community.

Charlie Cvetković
Written By

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