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Drop it Like it’s Hot: How to Drop Weapons in GTA 5 PC

The Grand Theft Auto series has been known for mayhem since the very beginning. And you can have mayhem without lots of guns. Grand Theft Auto 5 continues the grand tradition of video game carnage with the introduction of Grand Theft Auto Online. In this massively multiplayer mayhem simulator, you have access to more guns than ever before. But what if you want to get rid of one, or share one with a friend? How to drop weapons in GTA 5 PC is a question we see a lot. Let’s take a look.

How to Drop Weapons in GTA 5 PC

When you open the weapon wheel, you’ll see every weapon currently in your inventory. And it’s easy enough to select each one. However, how do you drop it? It’s actually remarkably easy, if completely arbitrary.

First, bring up the weapon wheel. Then equip the weapon you want to drop. Once you’re holding it in your hand, press the F9 key. That’s it. The game removes the gun from your inventory and drops it on the ground at your feet. You can pick it back up again if you want, or let another player or friend grab it.

You can do the same thing with ammo as well. Select and equip the gun that has the ammo you want to drop, and press the F10 key. A bundle of the ammo will appear at your feet, just like with guns, and anyone can walk by to pick it up.

drop the guns you don't need before heading into battle

Things to Keep in Mind

There are a couple of things to keep in mind about dropping stuff in GTA 5, and key bindings in general.

Know that some of the advanced armaments in the game can’t be dropped. Guns like the uber powerful Widowmaker will remain resolutely in your possession no matter how many times you mash the F9 key. If a gun doesn’t fall to the ground after you hit that key, then it’s likely the game doesn’t want you sharing your toys with other players.

More broadly, if you ever have a question about how to perform an action in GTA 5, you can always check what the key bindings are. The game keeps a local file that tracks all key bindings, and you can find it at Settings -> Key Bindings -> GTA Online. Navigating to this menu will show you every single interaction you can perform on the keyboard. If you know what to look for, all of your answers are contained here.

Grand Theft Auto Online doesn’t do a great job of explaining all of the controls, so it’s not surprising that players have trouble figuring out how to drop weapons in GTA 5 PC. But, as you can see it’s an easy enough process once you know the trick, so get back out there, and cause more mayhem. Don’t forget to check out some of our other action game guides while you’re at it!

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