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Warframe: How to Get Dread – A Great All-Around Bow

The bow Dread in Warframe is a great no-frills weapon that allows you to focus on shooting arrows without a lot of extra frills. The best part, this particular weapon is relatively easy to get. If you want to master Warframe, how to get Dread is something worth knowing.

How to Get Dread

As mentioned, Dread is a no-frills bow. It focuses on simple, silent attacks that do a lot of slash damage. The bow also has one of the highest critical hit chances in all of Warframe. This focus on critical hits, slashing damage, and not much else makes it a very nice, focused weapon that’s good in almost all situations. So, how do you get Dread? It’s a good question.

The easiest way to pick up this popular bow is to just go ahead and spend some good old hard currency. If you drop 800 Platinum at the market for the “What Stalker?” bundle, which appeared in Update 7, the Dread can be yours. The bundle also comes with Despair, Hate, and a color picker extension. But where’s the fun in that? Why spend real-world money when you can take the fight to the owner of the weapon directly and pick up the blueprint at its source.

once you get dread, it's very fun to shoot

Fighting the Stalker

If you want to pick up Dread’s blueprint, you’ll need to kill the Stalker. Unlike some major enemies, the Stalker doesn’t spawn as the boss of a mission. Instead, as its name suggests, it will come looking for you once you’ve met certain conditions.

After killing certain bosses during Assassination missions, you’ll receive a Death Mark. This mark will draw the Stalker to you. It won’t appear immediately, instead showing up in a future mission randomly to take you out. But rest assured, once you have a Death Mark, it will be on the hunt.

When it finally makes its presence known, watch out. This deadly foe isn’t messing around, and it’s out for blood. If you engage with the Stalker and manage to defeat it, there is a nearly 40% chance that it will drop the blueprint for Dread. What this means is that you can expect to kill the Stalker two to three times before seeing the blueprint for Dread show up. That is unless you’re particularly lucky.

With the blueprint in hand, you can craft it relatively easily. You’ll need 15,000 credits, 6 morphics, 900 circuits, 750 polymer bundles, and 900 plastids. Once you have the raw material, it takes twelve hours for the process to complete. You can always pay 45 Platinum to rush things along, but good things come to those who wait.

Once complete, you’ll have one of the best general-purpose bows in Warframe. The Dread is relatively easy find, which coupled with its damage potential makes it a very valuable weapon to track down. Be sure to check out some of our other Warframe guides if you’re looking for more strategies for your Tenno.

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