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Cultivating Relics: Warframe’s Best Lith Relic Farm

Warframe's best lith relic farm

While there are plenty of ways to farm lith relics, there is a particularly good strategy to get all of the pieces you need quickly. If you want to grab as many as possible join us as we explore Warframe’s best lith relic farm locations.

Lith Relic Farming

Without a doubt, the best place to farm for lith relics is during the Void mission Hepit, Capture. When you start the mission, immediately head to the capture target. Don’t bother hunting down any enemies or doing anything else. Your only goal is to complete the main objective as quickly as possible.

At the target, focus on it until captured to complete the main objective. If successful, you’ll end the mission and receive a nearly guaranteed lith relic drop at the end of it. The trick here is speed. Equip a Volt or Gauss Warframe and head into the mission. With enough practice and skill, you should be able to complete the mission in about two minutes.

lith relic farming at its best

Remember how we just said to rush through the map ignoring everything but the main target? Well, there is another way. It takes a bit longer, but if you equip an Ember Warframe, using a build that maximizes damage output, you can still get the lith relic reward at the end of the mission but have the benefit of acquiring different drops from defeated enemies in the process.

Ultimately, it’s a trade-off. How you approach the mission depends on what you’re looking for. If you are doubly focused on lith relics, and nothing else matters, definitely go for the speed approach. But if you’re in general looking for other items and relics as well, then consider the scorched earth approach. Either way, the Hepit, Capture Void mission is Warframe’s best lith relic farm.

Alternate Farms

Alternately, if you’re looking to farm for lith relics in a team, you can take on the Orokin Derelict Defense mission. You’ll need to fight off waves of enemies and survive, but in the process, you should be able to amass a good quantity of lith relics. We don’t recommend doing this mission solo, as it can take over twenty minutes if you’re not perfectly equipped. However, if you have some buddies, or don’t mind playing with strangers, this is a good alternative.

There you have it. Hepit, Capture, and Orokin Derelict Defense are Warframe’s best lith relic farm locations. Utilizing the strategies above, you should be drowning in lith relics in no time. Once you’ve gotten everything you need, make sure to check out Sidegamer’s other Warframe guides to make sure you’re fully prepared to save the world!

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