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Where to Find Undetected Vanguard Hacks and Cheats

Not sure where you’ll find undetected Vanguard hacks? You have come to the right place. At SideGamer, we want to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

This is why we searched the internet for you and picked out four hacks and cheat providers that aren’t just about undetected hacks but also ensure you get good customer service, refunds, etc.

Wondering who they are? Well, let’s dig right into it.

Best Hack and Cheat Providers for Vanguard

Image Product
BattleLog Vanguard Hacks
  • We used the hacks for two months without any issue
  • The status page is updated pretty much daily
  • Multiple plans are available to suit everyone’s needs.
RivalCheats Vanguard Hacks
  • You get hacks on the cheap.
  • You can pay using local payment modes
  • You’ll get replacements if your hack is detected.
AimClub Vanguard Hacks
  • They have a slot system to keep hacks detected.
  • We tested it for 45 days and had no issues.
  • All hacks are tried and tested for weeks before release.

1. Battlelog

Battlelog Vanguard Hacks

Check Vanguard Hacks on Battlelog

  • 24* support available via chat
  • You are more likely to get a refund
  • We used the hacks for two months without any issue
  • The status page is updated pretty much daily
  • Hacks are available at lower prices
  • Community and the discord channel further keep you updated on hacks 
  • Multiple plans are available to suit everyone’s needs.

Whether it is Vanguard, Modern Warfare, or PUBG, Battlelog is the standout place for them all. Why? 

Well, their services are unmatched. Here’s all you need to know about why we believe so.

Battlelog takes multiple steps to ensure your hacks stay away from the prying eyes of the anti-cheats.

One of those steps is trying and testing these hacks for weeks before releasing. If you didn’t know, Battlelog only works with full-time developers who work around the clock to ensure only the highest quality hacks reach you.

But creating is just 50% of the work. The rest is ensuring the hacks stay one step ahead of the anti-cheats and monitoring them, so any detected hack is quickly updated on the Status page.

To protect the hacks from anti-cheats, they are updated regularly. Hacks undergoing an update aren’t safe to use, and thus the Battlelog team marks them on the Status page beforehand.

We believe this is why their hacks lasted us for more than two months until we decided not to renew the subscription.

As far as detected hacks go, they are updated within hours. This helps protect your account. So before you download or use Vanguard hacks, don’t forget to check out their status first.

If you have trouble with any hacks or payment modes, there’s a 24*7 chat support to help you. Connect with them anytime from anywhere, and you don’t need an account.

This allows you to ask pre-sale questions without any hassles. Replies are quick (almost instant), and there’s little waiting in the queue. It is hands down the most responsive and efficient customer care we came across during our tests.

Apart from that, their forum/community is another excellent platform to ask questions. There are moderators to help you out along with other users. Feel free to discuss different things here as well, like your PC, games, etc.

And don’t forget to join their Discord channel, where you’ll get all the updates you need about the site and the hacks.

The FAQ page is another handy resource to check if you need quick solutions to common problems related to the custom-loader, payment modes, etc.

Another thing we love about them is the cost. Most sites charge over $100 for 30-days of Vanguard hacks but not Battlelog, where you can grab them for less than $100.

And if you don’t use hacks that often, then there is the 24-hour access and 7-day access that cost significantly less.

To top it all, they are one of the few sites that are open to refunds. So in case you want a refund, connect with their customer care, and they will process it for you.

Lastly, the Vanguard hacks are pretty easy to download and use, thanks to the custom loader. So even if you have never used hacks, it is a breeze. 


RivalCheats Vanguard Hacks

Check Vanguard Hacks on RivalCheats

  • You get hacks on the cheap.
  • You can pay using local payment modes
  • Cryptocurrencies are also accepted as payment
  • There’s 24*7 chat to clear all your doubts
  • The status page is updated daily, so you never use inactive or detected hacks.
  • Custom-loader makes using hacks easy peasy
  • We used them for two months without any issues
  • You’ll get replacements if your hack is detected.

If there is one site at par with Battlelog regarding the pricing of hacks and cheats, it is RivalCheats. You’ll find Vanguard hacks for less than $100 here as well.

Furthermore, they also have multiple plans you can choose from based on your preference. 

But are they any good?

Well, they are at #2 out of 15+ sites for a good reason. We used their hacks for two months, and it was hassle-free. Even renewal was easy peasy mainly because they have more payment modes available than other sites.

Yup, you can 61+ payment modes on the website. While some of these are common, like VISA Debit/Credit Cards, PayPal, Net Banking, etc., you’ll also find local modes here.

One of the reasons for this is that they also work with an in-house team of developers. They develop, monitor, and update hacks to ensure your accounts are safe.

Monitoring is done 24*7. This allows them to update the Status page when a hack is detected quickly. In addition, even hacks undergoing an update are marked on the status page to safeguard your account further.

And so you know exactly when these updates were made, there’s a date stamp on the top of the page.

But in case you have any questions, or a hack isn’t working for you, help is never too far away. Just message the support using the 24*7 chat, and you’ll have a solution within minutes as replies are quick and efficient. Though keep in mind, waiting time in the queue is a tad longer than on Battlelog.

Another minor drawback with RivalCheats is that you do not have access to a large community like Battlelog. And there’s no Discord channel either. This is something we are sure they will come up with soon, but as of now, you miss out.

While drawbacks, they aren’t dealbreakers. That’s because when it comes to hacks and cheats for any game, them being undetected and cost-effective are priorities.

As far as refunds are concerned, sites that guarantee you a refund are far and few. Though if the hack gets detected, RivalCheats is happy to provide a replacement without any charges.


AimClub Vanguard Hacks

Check Vanguard Hacks on AimClub

  • They have a slot system to keep hacks detected.
  • We tested it for 45 days and had no issues.
  • Connect with the customer support using the 24*7 chat
  • There’s an FAQ page as well for quick help
  • All hacks are tried and tested for weeks before release.

Next up on the list is And they stand out from other cheat and hack providers with the unique slot system. But is it good?

Well, we were pretty happy with it when we tested it for about 45 days. So here’s more about their slot system and how it works.

As the name suggests, there are slots. This limits the number of users and makes it harder for anti-cheats and other gamers to detect the cheat users. And when no one complains, you won’t get banned.

Though there’s a downside to this since there may be times when all slots are taken, and you cannot use hacks. However, we faced that issue only once during our 45-day tenure, so we recommend you not worry too much about it.

They also have a team of developers that use the most sophisticated technology to create hacks. Plus, try and test the hacks for weeks before release.

The status page is updated almost daily with a date stamp right on top to let you know when it was last updated.

Another thing we loved about them was the 24*7 chat. While not as quick as Battlelog since you could end up waiting in the queue for about 4-5 m minutes, it tops the ticket system by a fair margin. 

Then there’s the FAQ page as well. Again, make sure you check that out before contacting customer care, as it can save you a bit of time.

On the downside, AimClub does not have a Discord channel or an active community. The moderators might leave the odd reply, but it would be best to clarify your doubts via the 24*7 chat.

They do not give any refunds either once the hacks are downloaded and used. Furthermore, the price of the hacks is $5 to $10 higher than that on Battlelog or RivalCheats. 

But on the bright side, it is way lesser than most other hack and cheat providers, and considering the safety of the slot system; you still get good value for your money,

Vanguard Hack Providers: My Verdict

Well, those are our top 3 picks for the ultimate Vanguard hack and cheat providers. These are the most reliable when it comes to undetected hacks. 

Battlelog goes above and beyond to ensure you get uninterrupted services and even promises a refund if you aren’t satisfied. Their customer care is hands down the best.

AimClub and RivalCheats follow closely though only improvements with their customer support can further close the gap. Another thing they can do is create a Discord channel and encourage more users to engage in the community.

But considering the price and the slot system, they are good alternatives to Battlelog.

Charlie Cvetković
Written By

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