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Reviews Review 2021: Everything You Ought To Know Before Buying

Wondering where you can find hacks and don’t get detected within just days of usage? 

After losing money myself, I set out on finding sites that don’t just have hacks that go undetected for weeks, even months but also have a responsive and easy-to-reach customer care, lenient refund policy, status page that’s regularly updated, and so on.

And guess what, I did find sites that go over and above to keep both your account and investment safe. being one such hack and cheat provider.

Here’s all that you need to know about them before buying a hack. Review: An In-Depth Analysis

Why we recommend AimClub

Visit AimClub Now

Good Customer Support

I have been kept waiting for days and weeks thanks to the ticket system on some sites while discord requests just never got accepted on some while on others only moderators can post.

As for emails, they can be just as slow as the ticket system. And some of the sites had spammy-looking contact forms on them.

Thankfully, that’s not the case with as they have a 24*7 chat allowing you to contact them from anywhere, anytime. I contacted the AimClub on 3 different days i.e a Sunday, Tuesday, Friday and at 3 different times of the day and there was plenty to like about them.

One of those things was that the responses were thorough. Each of my problems, i.e from finding hacks to my preferred games to help with installing and using hacks with the custom loader, was solved with patience.

I also liked that the chat allowed me to add files. I could easily attach screenshots of the errors or problems which helped the customer care understand my problem quicker and better, in turn, ensuring fast problem-solving.

At the end of the chat, I could also rate my experience and drop comments. This shows that AimClub does value the opinion of its users.

The only issue with the chat was that waiting in the queue was longer than I would have liked i.e. around 4-5 minutes and sometimes the replies took around 2-3 minutes.

Another place where you can find quick-fire answers to your questions is on the FAQ page so don’t forget to check that out first as it is very likely your doubts have already been answered.

Undetected Hacks

I have purchased multiple hacks from AimClub. My first set of hacks were for COD: Warzone and I later got hacks for Rust, Escape from Tarkov, and so on. All of these hacks were for 30-days access and I didn’t regret either purchase.

I have lost money in the past (over $100) as the hacks got detected within 10 days and I never got a refund or replacement either. But with AimClub, I never had to worry about refunds.

My hacks for each of the games lasted 2-3 months until I decided to not renew it. The process for renewal was easy peasy and takes less than 5 minutes.

So why are AimClub’s hacks and cheats so good?

Well, they have a special slot system. This restricts the number of users for a hack making it hard for the anti-cheat mechanisms to spot the hacks.

So does that mean you might not get access to hacks?

Yes, that is a possibility. I faced that issue as well 1-2 times in the 2-3 months I used AimClub hacks but that also means the inconvenience is rare and a small price to pay for the safety of your account.

But the slot system isn’t the lone reason for the hacks running well all this while.

AimClub has an in-house team of developers. This allows them to work continuously on developing the technology used in the hacks to beat the ever-evolving anti-cheat mechanisms.

Furthermore, the team also tests every hack for weeks, and only then are they made available to the users. 

But updating and testing isn’t the only task this team undertakes. They are also in charge of monitoring the existing hack. This brings me to my next point.

Their Status Page is Regularly Updated

Truth be told, irrespective of the technology, hacks are always prone to detection by anti-cheat mechanisms.

But rather than just sitting back and allowing users to pay for and use detected hacks, in turn, leading to a permanent account ban, the AimClub team monitors them 24*7 and changes the status of detected hacks to Inactive asap.

Furthermore, if a hack is undergoing an update and cannot be used temporarily, they’ll even inform you about that. How?

Well, the status page is updated multiple times a day if needed. How do I know that? Well, the last update date is the first thing mentioned on the page. 

There is also a separate page for Spoofer Status making navigation and finding products you want easier.

Vast Array of Hacks and Cheats

I already mentioned the 3-4 games I got hacks for from AimClub but there’s more you can find there. From Valorant, Overwatch, to Battlefield 2042, there are no multiplayer game hacks that you won’t find here.

Not just that, they also have every hack you could have asked for. This includes Aimbot to ensure you never miss an aim again, Wallhacks and ESP to keep all enemies and equipment in your sight, and even radar, a hack that tells you from where the enemy is approaching.

Note that the Radar hack isn’t something all hack and cheat providers have.

Easy to Download and Install

Never used game hacks before? No problem. AimClub has created a custom loader that does all the heavy lifting for you. 

This loader is available in the order section of your account. In case you cannot find it or it isn’t working there’s always the 24*7 chat to help you out.

But before you buzz them, make sure you disable the Windows Defender and any other 3rd party antivirus installed on your laptop or PC. Here’s how to turn them off:

Windows Icon -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Security -> Virus & Threat Protection -> Virus & Threat Protection Settings (Manage Settings) -> Turn Real Time Protection off. 

Another thing that AimClub makes easy peasy is the payment process. Whether you want to pay via Visa debit/credit cards, PayPal or cryptocurrency, AimClub accepts most payment methods. You might even find some local payment methods.


Like most sites,  AimClub does not provide refunds unless the hack is detected. Only Battlelog gives you the freedom to apply for a refund anytime. 

Cost-Effective Hacks and Cheats

You want the best bang for your buck and AimClub gives you just that by making the hacks available at pocket-friendly prices. For example, 30-day access to Rust hacks cost me $55 on AimClub whereas another site was giving them away for a whopping $140. 

Yup, at AimClub, the hack was less than half and Rust isn’t the only game with such margins. And considering hacks are risky, why would you want to spend over $100, right?

Some Drawbacks but not Dealbreakers

One of the drawbacks of is that they do not have a Discord channel. Discord offers another route to quick problem-solving and can also be used to update existing users on any issues, deals, etc. 

Thus it is something AimClub should consider. 

Also, they do not have a forum or community. Communities like that of Battlelog provide gamers a great platform to meet with other like-minded gamers and form new alliances. Furthermore, you can always drop in your questions.

Another thing AimClub can do is give potential customers genuine buyer reviews and ratings of their hacks and cheats. This would further cement the trust, something that is lacking aplenty in the hacks and cheats market.

Visit AimClub Now Review: My Final Thoughts

AimClub is the only site with a special slot system. Yes, that has its cons as access is limited but the pros far outweigh the cons especially if you plan to use your real Steam, Activision, or other gaming accounts.

After all, it is about undetected hacks, right?

Also, don’t forget, these hacks are way cheaper than most others on the market. Furthermore, their customer care is available 24*7.

Sure they can work on the waiting time but this is way better than waiting for days or weeks after you have raised a ticket for an error or refund (something I constantly faced while testing sites).

Lastly, their Status page is updated from time to time further adding to the safety of your account.

No site can offer a 100% guarantee and if they are, you are likely being scammed but with AimClub, there’s a good chance you’ll get bored of the hacks before they get detected.

So don’t forget to check them out.

Till then, happy gaming.

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