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Where to Find Undetected Splitgate Hacks & Cheats

Isn’t it just heartbreaking when you spend hundreds of dollars on hacks only to end up with a banned account? Well, you are in the right place.

To prevent this, I decided to test different Splitgate hack and cheat providers. And after going through 15+ sites, here are three websites that provide the best bang for your buck.

No hacks are 100% undetectable. But with these three sites go above and beyond to protect users. Here’s how.

Best Splitgate Hack and Cheat Providers

Image Product
BattleLog Splitgate Hacks
  • Find solutions in minutes with the 24*7 chat.
  • Battlelog honors refund requests
  • Be part of the community with over 200k gamers
RivalCheats Splitgate Hacks
  • Making payments is hassle-free thanks to local payment modes
  • You can also use cryptocurrencies for payments
  • Get hacks and cheats for any game on the cheap
AimClub Splitgate Hacks
  • Stay away from the eyes of anti-cheats with the slot system
  • Attach screenshots to explain issues better
  • There’s a handy FAQ page for help

1. Battlelog

Battlelog Splitgate Hacks

Check Splitgate Hacks on Battlelog

  • Find solutions in minutes with the 24*7 chat. 
  • Discord channel keeps you up to date on details about the website
  • Be part of the community with over 200k gamers
  • Splitgate hacks continue to run undetected since they were created
  • Battlelog honors refund requests
  • Know whether hacks are inactive or active via the Status page
  • Hacks are available at pocket-friendly prices
  • View honest 1000+ user reviews

One site that stands apart from the pack is Battlelog. It scored a 10/10 when it comes to undetected hacks and customer service during my testing. Here’s more about them

Their Splitgate hacks have been undetected since day one. One of the main reasons for that is because Battlelog has an in-house team of developers. They work 24*7 to develop, update, and track these hacks.

Hacks are made available only after testing for weeks. And with anti-cheat mechanisms getting better and better, releasing updates to stay ahead of the game is essential.

Plus, by tracking these hacks around the clock, the team can mark any detected hack on the status page within hours, reducing the risk of account bans and preventing new users from spending on them.

The other thing I love about Battlelog is the customer support. The 24*7 chat is quick and responsive. This means you’ll find solutions to problems within minutes (refunds or issues with the hacks, get in touch anytime from anywhere)

Apart from the chat, you can use the FAQ section where Battlelog answers the most commonly faced issues regarding the custom loader, etc.

Then there’s the forum, part of the Battlelog community that boasts of over 200k members. This a great place to meet like-minded gamers and build new relationships or talk about games, consoles, etc.

Also, don’t forget to join their Discord Channel to receive details about all the latest updates on the hacks, new additions, offers, etc.

And if those points haven’t won your trust yet, Battlelog is one of the few sites in the niche to display honest user reviews. They have 1000+ reviews, and yes, whether good or bad, they keep it real and continue to improve on the shortcomings.

They are also open to refunds and replacements. So yes, if a hack is detected, feel free to ask for a refund if you decide not to use the hack again. Most sites straight out deny refunds in the policies, but Battlelog is more open to it, so there’s a lesser risk of you losing money.

Another thing that works in the user’s favor is the price. Whether it is Splitgate hacks and cheats or other games like COD: Warzone, Overwatch, etc., the costs of the hacks are significantly lower when compared to other sites you’d come across.

The custom loader makes using the hacks easy peasy, so if you have never used hacks before, it is just the kind of tool you need. 

Whether you want to renew hacks or buy new hacks, making payments is hassle-free. Apart from cards like VISA and MasterCards, they also accept PayPal, Cryptocurrencies, and so on.


RivalCheats Splitgate Hacks

Check Splitgate Hacks on RivalCheats

  • Making payments is hassle-free thanks to local payment modes
  • You can also use cryptocurrencies for payments
  • Get hacks and cheats for any game on the cheap
  • Hacks are tried and tested for weeks before release
  • The status page keeps you up to date on whether a hack is active or detected
  • Get help 24*7 via the chat

Another site that gives you good value for your money is RivalCheats. While not as efficient as Battlelog, they outrank most others with ease, and here’s why we think so.

One of the main reasons is their cost. From Splitgate hacks to COD: Cold War, or Overwatch hacks, they go toe to toe with Battlelog on the price front. 

And considering that, I was pleasantly surprised the hacks ran without any issues for two months. The renewal process was also hassle-free and took no more than 2-3 minutes. 

Another good thing about them is that making payments is easy. Unlike most sites, they also accept local payment methods. So that means an Indian can use UPI or PayTM, whereas some from the US can pay using PayPal.

Plus, there are regular modes like VISA and MasterCards. And if you have Bitcoin stored somewhere, feel free to pay via that as well. 

Like Battlelog, they have an in-house team that creates and manages the hacks. New hacks undergo thorough testing, while old hacks are tracked and updated regularly to keep them undetected. 

You’ll also find a Status page with a Last Updated time stamp on top of the page, so you know if the hacks you are using or plan to use are active, undergoing an update, or detected. This reduces the chances of an account ban.

As for customer service, RivalCheats also has a 24*7 chat that you can access without creating an account. So feel free to ask any pre-sale questions on your mind.

The support isn’t as quick as Battlelog, so there is some waiting but way better than the annoying ticket system that you find on most websites, where replies can take days, weeks, or months.

There’s also a pretty handy FAQ page you can check out in case you have trouble with the hacks. Though keep in mind that with RivalCheats, you do not get such an active forum. They also do not have a Discord channel.

As for refunds, RivalCheats also doesn’t outright deny them though the final decision rests with the support staff, which means you need a reason to ask for a refund. But in case any hack gets detected, you’ll get a replacement, so you never lose the money you paid.


AimClub Splitgate Hacks

Check Splitgate Hacks on AimClub

  • Stay away from the eyes of anti-cheats with the slot system
  • Get all the help you need via the 24*7 chat
  • Attach screenshots to explain issues better 
  • Stay up to date with the status of every hack with the Status page
  • There’s a handy FAQ page for help

Last on the list is AimClub which uses a different strategy than Battlelog and RivalCheats to keep the hacks undetected. 

AImClub has a slot system. This allows a limited number of users to use the hacks at a time. While it does work and you can use the hacks for months, there’ll be times when you do not find a slot.

I used Splitgate hacks from AimClub for a month and only faced this issue once, so it isn’t a dealbreaker. This is great for anyone that uses hacks occasionally via their real accounts.

AimClub also hires experienced developers, and this is one of the reasons their hacks last long and remain up to date with evolving anti-cheats. They also try and test the hacks.

You’ll also find their status page updated regularly. And as you already know, this is crucial to saving your accounts from a ban as you do not end up downloading and using detected hacks or those undergoing an update.

As for customer support, you have access to their 24*7 chat without creating an account. There’s a bit of waiting time as replies can be slow, but they are efficient, so you’ll find a solution way quicker than on a website with the ticket system.

There’s also an FAQ page that you can use. There’s a forum page as well, but as of now, it has little engagement. So don’t expect a quick response there as you can get on Battlelog. AimClub does not have a Discord channel either.

Apart from that, their prices are also a tad higher, but that’s only by $10 to $15, which makes them cheaper than most others you’ll come across. These websites charge around $100 or more for 30-day access to hacks and cheats.

Splitgate Hacks and Cheats: My Verdict

Well, those are my three favorite websites for all your hack and cheat needs. 

If you are looking for Splitgate Aimbot, Radar, ESP, Wallhack, etc., Battlelog is the best. From customer care, refund policy to their hacks, you get value for your money all around.

RivalCheats and AimClub are good alternatives. They are cheaper than most of the hack and cheat websites out there. Plus, they have 24* 7 customer support via chat, which makes it easier to find resolution though there’s room for improvement compared to Battlelog.

Charlie Cvetković
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