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Hyper Scape Tips & Tricks to Win the Game 

Hyper Scape is a game developed by Ubisoft. Available on the Windows, Xbox One, and Playstation platforms, this first-person shooter game functions as a battle royale involving multiple players playing for survival.

Note: Hyper Scape is free to play and was released in July 2020. 

The game is unique since it has been integrated with live streaming, allowing Twitch viewers to affect the game outcome. What’s more, Hyper Scape was one of the top viewed games on Twitch TV. 

Being a battle royale game, you can expect non-stop action and the thrilling risk of being killed at any time. Moreover, it’s a non-stop action game that can leave you gasping for breath. Remember, gamers need to get their minds focused in order to win a game with such high intensity. 

Generally, the battle royale genre of games requires you to wipe out all your enemies if you want to win. This is easier said than done. If you want to win at Hyper Scape, thankfully, you have another option available.

The Crown Rush mode allows you to win this game by grabbing the crown that drops down at the end of the match. Hold on to the crown for 45 seconds, and you are the winner! 

The game involves deep exploration of the Hyper Scape world. There are many hacks that you can find hidden in buildings or even on the streets. When accustomed to, these hacks will help you power up to take on opponents with aplomb.

In case you die in the game, you don’t have to worry. You can keep playing as a ghost wandering about in the game. You can even be restored so you can continue to play.

The game has exciting features, and there are many tips and tricks to help you ace it. Explore all the hyper scape tips mentioned below so you can take your gameplay to an elevated level!

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11 Tips and Tricks to Get Better at Hyper Scape

It’s not easy to play a game belonging to the Battle Royale genre. If you have played hyper scape and struggled to stay afloat, our tips and tricks will save your respect in the gaming domain.

Tricks to Get Better at Hyper Scape

1. Select the drop location wisely

The drop location where you land at the start of the game has an impact on your gameplay. For beginners, landing on buildings in the periphery is advised. This ensures you won’t face a vicious attack initially, and you’re in an excellent spot to pace your game.

Suppose you’re an intermediate/advanced hyper scape professional, land in the center at a popular drop zone. This helps you get access to a bunch of headless chickens that can easily be killed before they stabilize.

For example, landing in a sector like Limelight will help you fight for loot.

2. Use the advantage of height

One of the critical aspects of doing well at Hyper Scape is to take out your opponents quickly. Standing at a height will allow you to get a neat view of your surroundings. Even better, this helps you get an overview of the area and spot opponents.

If you have the Protocol V sniper rifle, then take advantage of height to aim headshots at your opponents. 

Look for rooftops from where you get a vantage point to shoot. Moreover, make sure you have the running movement hack that conveniently allows you to jump from one building to another.

3. Keep moving

While there are some games where you need to wait at a location, Hyper Scape is not one of them. If you want to kill it, then you have to keep moving. The game has a unique movement system, and you should use it to your advantage.

Slides and double jumps are some of the options for quicker movements. Make use of them to move rapidly, and remember that it’s not easy to kill you when you’re moving fast.

4. Choose the right weapons

In any shooter game, you need the right weapons to wipe out your enemies. In Hyper Scape, Hexfire is the best weapon that you have. We suggest upgrading the gun so you can store up to 270 bullets. This can be the make it or break it element during an intense battle.

The Hexfire is essentially a machine gun that you can use to shoot non-stop, and that too with minimal recoil! Another powerful weapon is the Protocol V sniper rifle. This sniper rifle can eliminate opponents in a shot or two. Find a height and use this rifle to blast away your opponents! 

Guess what? The Protocol V sniper is a non-recoil rifle and requires barely any experience to use.

Not to forget, the Ripper is an assault rifle with a fully automatic feature. This is the conventional type of gun found in most first-person shooter games. 

5. Get hacks and upgrade them

Hacks are abilities that help you survive this game. Upgrade the hacks to reap the maximum benefits they offer. Here are some of the popular hacks that you can use to improve your gameplay:

  • The Reveal Hack helps you to reveal the positions of opponents located nearby temporarily.  
  • The Magnet hack can be used on nearby opponents. The hack will pull enemies towards you and enables you to wipe them out using a close-range weapon.
  • The Mine hack is used to blow away your enemies who are following you.
  • The Armor hack will be handy if you are under severe attack. Activate the hack, and you become invulnerable for a short while. Do note that you cannot use your weapons when you use this hack.
  • Another hack to help you evade an enemy attack is the Invisibility hack. It makes you disappear for a while. Here again, you cannot use your weapons when you are not visible.
  • The Slam hack is one of the most useful ones, and you must look to add this to your inventory. This hack helps move you up in the air so you can flee from trouble. Additionally, you can also cross areas by taking a leap. 
  • The Heal hack heals you when you take a hit. It can make the difference between survival and death. The bonus is that it even heals your friends who are nearby. 
  • Teleport is a hack that allows you to port yourself a short distance away from your present location. Think about it! It’s an excellent way to escape from a dangerous situation. 

The Shockwave hack is the opposite of Magnet. It creates a wave that pushes away opponents. If you want to clear an area of opponents and power through the region, Shockwave is your best bet. 

6. Combine the abilities

The best part of using hacks in Hyper Scape is that you can combine them. Creating a hack combo can be highly effective and can give you a significant advantage over amateur gamers. This trick is a definite to help you get the better of advanced opponents.

For example, the Ball hack helps you boost your ability to jump. You can combine this hack with the slam hack. This allows gamers to get the tremendous advantage of height!

The Wall and Teleport hacks can help you create a wall that none of your enemies can cross. Further on, use the teleport hack to move high so you can generate more walls. A great way to reach the top!

Another epic combination is to use the Reveal hack to find your opponent’s location and follow it up with the Invisibility hack to take them down.

7. Take care to avoid the Decay

The Decay is a major risk in this game that can cause you unmanageable damage. Watch out for the Decay that starts from the edge of the city. Stay extra cautious and look for an icon that tells you where the Decay is.

You must note that the Decay will ultimately cover the entire area. That’s when the game comes to an end, and the crown drops. 

8. Fuse weapons

Fusing weapons helps you make your arsenal more powerful. Don’t forget, fusing helps increase the fire rate, boost the magazine size and the damage caused.

All you have to do is find a weapon similar to yours. Simply pick it up, and it fuses with your existing weapon. Expect to notice a spike in weapon statistics, features, and attacking capabilities. 

Note: There are five boosts possible for every weapon.

9. Use the Restore Point to come back to life

The Echo is a ghost of a person who has died. In case you are killed, you become an Echo. You can’t participate in the game but can move around. Despite this, you can help your team members by finding enemy locations and communicating it on team chat.

An essential feature you must use in this situation is the Restore Point. When your enemies die, revive points are marked on the map. Go there and wait for any of your team members to come. If they reach, they can restore you, and you’ll be back in action.

10. Indulge in looting

Looting is a vital activity you need to perform in the game. Apart from staying alive, it would be best if you looted to try and find as much armor and attacking gear as possible. Don’t think it’s easy! You’ll need to explore the map to do this.

Pro Tip: Look for buildings that are brightly colored and have orange glowing barricades. These buildings have the most loot present. And to any gamer’s relief, they can find weapons as well as hacks.

Another great feature is the supply crate. The supply crates possess weapons that are fused. Don’t miss out on these prize items and make the run for them the second they’re spotted. 

In case you hear sounds from these crates, consider it a hint! 

11. Holding the crown

If you get hold of the crown, it’s a massive moment in the game. There are two conditions here. 

  • Acquire the crown 
  • Hold the crown for 45 seconds. Remember, if you die before this, it’s the end.

Beware, as the moment you wear the crown, enemies take it as an invitation to kill you. Everyone can see and will be hunting for the crown bearer. This is the part when you need to be equipped with hacks, upgraded weaponry, and fused guns.

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How To Become A PRO At Hyper Scape

How To Become A PRO At Hyper Scape

The hyper scape tips and tricks presented above would have helped you understand how to improve your gameplay. Now that you are accustomed to such methods, work on becoming a pro in the game.

If you want to be a pro, you need to play using all the tips we explained. Use all the hacks, upgrade and fuse your weapons, and be ready to grab the crown at the end of the game. You can even start live streaming the game to attract viewers and get into revealing conversations. Feel free to take direction from a coach to propel your journey to becoming a pro hyper scape gamer. 


If you want to excel at Hyper Scape and be a pro, you need to up your game. The best way to do this is by participating in the Twitch audience-voted events. Also, consider using the battle pass option so you can move forward in the game quickly.

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