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HWID Spoofer | Undetected HWID Changer for PC Games

Are you banned from a game and now want a way back in? Well, an HWID Spoofer is what you need. But the question remains, where do you find a reliable HWID Spoofer?

Well, you are in the right place. We did all the digging for you so you don’t have to waste your time. 

This involved testing HWID Spoofer on 8+ sites for weeks. And here’s where we think you’ll get the best bang for your buck.

Best Hack and Cheat Providers for HWID Spoofer

Image Product
BattleLog HWID Spoofer
  • HWID Spoofer is available on the cheap
  • Their HWID Spoofer ran trouble-free for two months
  • The status page is updated almost daily
RivalCheats HWID Spoofer
  • We had no trouble with their HWID Spoofer for a month
  • Hacks are pocket-friendly
  • Detected hacks are flagged within hours for your account’s safety
AimClub HWID Spoofer
  • Slot system limits the number of users
  • We used their HWID Spoofer for two months
  • The status page is updated daily

1. Battlelog

Battlelog HWID Spoofer

Check HWID Spoofer on Battlelog

  • HWID Spoofer is available on the cheap
  • Their HWID Spoofer ran trouble-free for two months
  • 24*7 customer support via chat
  • Hacks are tried and tested before release
  • The status page is updated almost daily
  • Get help/updates via the FAQ Page, community, and the Discord channel

Battlelog is the Ferrari of hacks and cheats. Not just HWID Spoofer, you can trust them for pretty much any hack and cheat you want, and here’s why.

We have tested their HWID Spoofer for 2 months, Modern Warfare: Cold War hacks for 1.5 months, and Overwatch hacks for 2 months as well and never faced any issue. 

So what makes their hacks so long-lasting?

We believe one of the difference makers is the fact that Battlelog works with an in-house team of developers. This allows them to test every hack for weeks before they are released to the public (so you know you are getting working hacks).

Not just that, the team also takes responsibility for monitoring existing hacks 24*7. So even if there’s trouble with the HWID Spoofer they are quick to resolve it. And if a cheat gets detected, it is quickly flagged on the Status page so nobody ends up with a banned account.

So yeah, before you download any hacks, don’t forget to check out the status page first. Also, look for a date stamp/time stamp on the page so you know precisely when it was last updated.

And if you have any questions, the support staff is available all day long to answer all kinds of questions (even the silly ones).

And we aren’t talking about a ticket system where there’s a good chance you won’t hear back for days or weeks. On Battlelog, you get instant help with the chat. And you don’t even need to create an account to access it.

Waiting time in the queue is minimal (took less than 2 minutes each time) and replies are pretty much instant, making their support the most efficient one we tested.

But you don’t always have to rely on support staff for help. There’s also an FAQ that you’ll find handy for quick solutions about the payment modes, custom loader, etc. Then there’s the forum as well.

Not only do moderators answer questions on these forums but it is a great place to connect with other gamers and talk about stuff other than hacks and cheats.

They also have a Discord Channel. Do join that as most of the updates about the site and the hacks are provided there.

We also love how easy their hacks and cheats are to use. The custom loader is a sophisticated piece of technology that does pretty much everything there is. So even if you have never used hacks, this should be a breeze.

Their prices are something we love as well. HWID Spoofer on most sites costs around $50 but on Battlelog, you can get it for anywhere between $5 to $30.

Lastly, it is one of the few sites that does not straight out refuse refunds. So if you have a genuine problem, feel free to connect with their customer care. 

And if you still aren’t sure about Battlelog, you can check out genuine customer reviews on the homepage (good or bad, you get them as they are).


Rivalcheats HWID Spoofer

Check HWID Spoofer on RivalCheats

  • We had no trouble with their HWID Spoofer for a month
  • Get help anytime with the 24*7 chat
  • Hacks are pocket-friendly
  • Choose from over 61 payment modes including Bitcoin
  • Detected hacks are flagged within hours for your account’s safety

We don’t believe in overspending on your hacks and cheats and this is why we believe RivalCheats is worthy of #2. 

Its price point is at par with Battlelog, so you can get your hands on the HWID Spoofer you need for anywhere between $7 to $35 depending on whether you want it for 24-hours or 30-days.

The 24-hour plan is ideal for hobbyists but if you are a serious gamer that spends hours playing every day, the 7-day plan or 30-day plan is tailor-made for you.

And if you have questions regarding the plans or pricing, RivalCheats also has a 24*7 chat where you get help way faster than you would on sites with ticket systems.

Though keep in mind that they aren’t as efficient as Battlelog since waiting time in the queue is higher at about 6-7 minutes. You can check out the FAQ page in the meantime to see if there’s a quicker solution.

But if not, then you will be glad to know that the replies were quick and the staff member answered all my questions about refunds, payment modes, etc. efficiently.

Talking about payment, it is one of the biggest pros of RivalCheats. They have over 61 payment modes available to customers and this includes local payment modes as well. 

That means if you do not have access to your Visa Debit/Credit cards or PayPal, you could also pay using local modes like PayTM, Nettler, etc. depending on the country you live in. 

You can also use Net Banking and if you have Bitcoins that you recently got and want to use, RivalCheats will be happy to accept that as well.

Coming to their HWID Spoofer, we used it for a month and have no complaints. Other hacks from them have also performed to our expectations. 

Like Battlelog, RivalCheats also tries and tests hacks for weeks before making them available for download. Their in-house team also works on monitoring and updating existing hacks.

It is the reason you’ll find any detected hack flagged on the Status page within hours (there’s a date stamp right on top to ensure you are never in the dark about these updates). Even hacks undergoing technical updates are marked so your account is never at any risk.

The hacks are just as easy to download and use as on any other site as you get the custom loader here as well.

On the downside, RivalCheats does not have an active community or Discord Channel. Though we are pretty sure that’s something you’ll soon see as they are a fairly new site. 

Also, RivalCheats does not provide any refunds. But if the hacks get detected within days of your download, they are happy to provide a replacement so your money does not go to waste even in the worst-case scenario.


Aimclub HWID Spoofer

Check HWID Spoofer on AimClub

  • Slot system limits the number of users
  • We used their HWID Spoofer for two months
  • 24*7 chat helps find solutions quicker
  • The status page is updated daily
  • Prices are lower than most other sites 

Last but not least on the list of HWID Spoofer providers is AimClub and its unique slot system which comes with its pros and cons.

Starting with the pros, it works great. Our HWID Spoofer from AimClub worked without any trouble for two months. So what is this slot system?

Well, it means only a limited number of gamers can use any hack at a time. And since there is a lesser number of people using the hacks, the fewer the chances of one getting caught and banned.

The downside is that there’s also a slight chance that you may not be able to use your HWID Spoofer as freely as with other providers. We faced this issue only once in two months so we’d say the pros outweigh the cons of the slot system making AimClub a worthy #3.

Another thing we love about AimClub is that they also look to solve customer issues asap with the 24*7 system rather than a ticket system. 

Replies can be a tad slow and waiting time is higher than on Battlelog but the staff answers were adequate so I didn’t leave scratching my head looking for more solutions.

You’ll also find a Status page on the site which keeps you up to date on whether the hack you plan to buy or use is active, detected, or undergoing an update. You’ll find the date stamp for the status page right on top.

Note: Hacks undergoing updates are prone to anti-cheats so use them at your own risk.

You do not get an active community to ask questions or a Discord Channel either with AimClub. So if you have doubts, stick to the FAQ page or the 24* 7 chat.

Also, AimClub does not provide any refunds so if you do not want hacks for long, go for either the 24-hour plan or the 7-day plan. 

Lastly, hacks on AimClub are about $5 to $10 more than on Battlelog or RivalCheats. For example, the price for the HWID Spoofer varies from $7 to $40. Though keep in mind that it is way lesser than on other sites that charge $50+

HWID Spoofer: Our Verdict

HWID Spoofer is pretty handy. There are many reasons your gaming access could get banned but with HWID Spoofer, there’s nothing to worry about.

And in the article, we have listed some reliable sources where you can find them as well.

Battlelog is hands down our favorite. Whether it is the quality of the hacks, the prices, or their customer service, they excel at it all. They also have an active community and a Discord Channel

RivalCheats and AimClubs have minor drawbacks but considering they also have a 24*7 chat and their hacks worked out well during our tests, they are worth the consideration in case you have doubts about Battlelog.

Charlie Cvetković
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