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How to Become Immortal in Crusader Kings II

So, you want to become immortal in Crusader Kings II. The quest you seek to undertake is no small feat. It is fraught with lies, betrayal, and dire consequences if you fail. However, the prize for success may be the greatest power of all. You will rule your kingdom for the rest of eternity…or at least until you grow bored.

Our guide to becoming immortal will take you through the steps required to unlock this extremely rare and powerful ability in Crusader Kings II, but keep in mind that even with this guide in your hands, there is a huge amount of luck involved in unlocking immortality. Additionally, you will need to have The Reaper’s Due expansion installed and Supernatural Events enabled for this line of quests to occur. Without further ado, let’s find a mystic and begin the trials!

Search for a Mystic

you must find a mystic

You can’t start the immortality quest line whenever you want. It’s an event that occurs out of your control. If your character becomes old, sick, or otherwise infirm, it does increase the likelihood of the event triggering.

Once available, you will need to send council out into the world to seek a mystic. It’s important to pick an advisor who has skills that correspond to your highest leveled personal stat. Ideally, you want to make sure that whatever trait you choose is over 22 (the maximum value that will affect the quest outcome).

There are mystics for the Martial, Diplomacy, and Learning skills. No mystic will arrive through Stewardship, so avoid this particular trait. As with every step in this process, there is no guarantee that your chosen advisor will find one of these mysterious women.

During the search for a mystic, your deployed advisor will return and ask for money. It goes without saying that the more money you donate to the cause, the higher a chance the search for a mystic will succeed. Once again, this is not a guarantee. The counselor could be killed, die, disappear, or simply fail.

Don’t give up hope. If the counselor dies in some way, there is still a 35% chance of a mystic appearing in your court. If the counselor fails, that chance rises to 50%. In this case, the mystic will be of a random attribute type.

Investigate the Mystic

will she be real...

Fate remains on your side, and a mystic has appeared before you to offer her services. The mystic differs depending on the stat type you searched with, but they all provide the same service. Your mystic will open the trials to unlock immortality.

As you’ve figured out by this point, nothing comes easy in the quest for immortality. This is because the chances that your mystic is the real thing are low. In fact, even if your stats are at 22 or above, there is only a 37% chance that any mystic will be genuinely gifted. If the mystic is a fraud, it reduces your chances of succeeding through the trials to an infinitesimal .001%!

The most full-proof way of determining the legitimacy of any mystic is the base stat that they specialize in. If that base stat is 5 or below, they are guaranteed to be a fraud, and above a 10, they will always be the real thing. Hope that your mystic is in one of those two extremes because otherwise you will go into these upcoming trials blind!

The Initial Trials

you will be tested

Two events will occur within a few months of each other that will require you to make a difficult choice, prove your worth, or train in some arcane skill. The nature of these two trials varies depending on the mystic you study with, but the general risks are the same.

Each of the first two trials has a low and a high-risk option you can choose from. The low-risk choice has a lower chance of succeeding, but the penalty for failure is also less significant. Going with the higher risk choice has a higher success rate, but the consequences for failure are worse.

If you succeed in each of these trials, you will be granted a buff to the relevant stat. If you fail, you will likewise suffer a debuff to that same stat. Though not a guarantee, death is a possibility at these first two steps. If you fail either of these trials, the quest for immortality will end, and you will not be able to continue it.

The Final Challenges

one challenge remains

You have sent out a counselor to find a mystic. The mystic is genuine. Additionally, you have passed the first two trials. Now is the time for the final challenges.  These events will all happen quickly, one after another, and the tasks you must perform will differ depending on the mystic you work with.

At best, you have less than a 60% chance of completing the remaining events, and that assumes you’ve made it this far with a genuine mystic and have the relevant stat above 22. The consequence of failure at this stage of the quest is death. Your character can reincarnate through a descendant with similar stats, but all of your hard work will be washed away.

When you tally the overall chances of success at each step in the quest for immortality, you have at most a 10% chance of succeeding. But the results are worth it. Your character will be immune to all illnesses, won’t age, and your portrait, attraction, fertility, and marriage stats will never change again. Your leader will also be completely immune to becoming infirm or incapable. Death through execution and other events is possible, though your chances of dying are otherwise reduced to nearly zero.

Immortality in Crusader Kings II

If you followed the steps above, managed to find a genuine mystic (or a very lucky fraud), and still had a great deal of good fortune, then you are now an immortal ruler. Use the power wisely, but know that no matter how effective your rule, your citizens will eventually grow fatigued with your presence.

Once that occurs, you will unlock the option to end your own life. Though, after all the work you put in to obtain eternal life, do you want to consider ending it because of bored subjects? We didn’t think so. If immortality becomes dull for you, don’t forget that there are plenty of other amazing strategy games out there. We go over some of our favorites in our list of the 15 Best Strategy Games Like Civilization. Take a look between your eons of rule with your immortal leader!

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