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COD Warzone Packet Loss: How To Fix

Call of Duty: Warzone is a fun game where you can test your mettle against the enemy team. Victories feel sweet because everyone is evenly matched. However, some players are at a disadvantage from the very beginning.

Many players experience packet loss issues which negatively impact their internet connection. And as every gamer knows, a bad connection makes your loss pretty much inevitable.

So, what is packet loss? What causes it, and how can you fix the issue? Keep reading to discover the answers!

What Is Packet Loss?

What is this life?

If you’re not a very technical person, the term “packet loss” is very mystifying. And before you can fix the problem with your game, you need to better understand what packet loss actually is.

Data from your game travels in collective units known as “packets.” Typically, the process is simple: packets travel from Point A to Point B and help you surf and play online.

However, there are times that one or more of these packets don’t actually reach their destination. For users, this results in things like slow service and even a complete loss of service. And for Warzone players, packet loss can render the game downright unplayable.

What Causes Packet Loss?

Cause and effect

One of the most annoying things about packet loss is that it can be caused by many different things. This includes hardware problems, clogged networks, bugs in the system, and even outright security attacks.

So, what is the primary cause of packet loss in Call of Duty: Warzone? Many players report that their connection bounces to many different places during gameplay. In some cases, this includes the connection bouncing to various different countries over the course of a game!

This can cause packet loss and a generally slower connection. After all, the key to speed for any online game is connecting to servers that are relatively close to you.

Fortunately, this problem has an easy fix. And it’s one that will also provide a number of unexpected benefits outside of the game.

How Can You Fix Packet Loss in COD Warzone?

Losses and wins

For PC players, one of the best solutions is to install a VPN. With a VPN (particularly one designed with gaming in mind), it’s easy to select the data hosting center that is closest to you. And with that VPN in place, your connection isn’t going to wander all over the world, allowing you to enjoy the fast-paced gameplay that you crave.

VPNs also provide an extra layer of security for your home connection. And they allow you to access extra features on your other apps. For example, an American can use a VPN to access British Netflix, allowing him to watch programming that would otherwise be unavailable.

Unfortunately, there is not currently a solid third-party solution for console players experiencing packet loss. Your best bet is to delete, reinstall, and contact Activision if you encounter further problems.

How to Fix Packet Loss: What’s Next?

Now you know how to fix packet loss in COD: Warzone. But do you know how to tackle the other pesky errors in this game?

To make sure you have an uninterrupted gaming experience, check out our guide to avoiding and fixing Warzone’s 6068 error!

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