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Warzone 0% Installation Bug: How to Fix

So you got yourself a brand new PC or console and are installing Warzone. Then the unthinkable happens, you get the Warzone 0% installation bug. It sits there at 0% while your hopes and dreams of high kill victories dissolve into sadness.
The good news is there is a fix, no matter what platform you are gaming on. Let’s take a look at how to get your download and installation back up and running again!

PlayStation (4 or 5)

This error generally happens on PlayStation due to opening the game before the full installation is complete. You will have the ability to open the game when roughly 20 percent has downloaded. But doing so can cause the game to get stuck on 0% installation and can’t be fixed until you quit the game completely.
The easy fix for PlayStation users is to:
  • Quit the game
  • Ensure you have enough disc space available
  • Wait for the download and installation to finish
  • Start the game

Warzone Download


Xbox (One/Series S, X)

While the PlayStation fix is quite easy, Xbox users have to take one extra step. The good news is, it is still easy to get your download and installation to the finish line.
Xbox users should:
  • Ensure you have enough disc space available
  • Restart your console
  • Allow the download and installation to complete
  • Start the game

PC (

This issue is the most difficult to identify and fix on PC, as there can be multiple reasons for it to happen. But, the following list is the best way to ensure you get your download and installation moving again no matter what the cause.
PC users should:
  • Pause/Stop the download
  • Close
  • Restart PC
  • Make sure you have enough disc space available
  • Open
  • Resume download (if it doesn’t automatically start)
  • Allow the download and install to finish
  • Start the game


That’s it! That is all you have to do to get past the installation stall on every platform. If none of those suggestions work, it could simply be a high volume of users clogging the network for download. In that case, the only thing to do is wait until your download starts or speeds up after the users in the que before you have finished. The Warzone 0% installation bug is frustrating, but with a bit of patience you can be slaying away in Warzone!
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Jeremy has been writing online for over 10 years on a range of topics. However, his love starts and ends with video games. When he is not spending his time writing, he can be found in Diablo III, Warzone, or Apex Legends.

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