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How to Equip Skills in Marvel’s Avengers

The new Marvel’s Avengers game has a number of exclusive, character-specific skills that you can unlock and use to defeat your enemies.

If you want to fight it out like Iron Man or Captain America, you’ll need to know how to equip skills in Marvel’s Avengers by following these steps.

How To Equip Skills in Marvel’s Avengers

You can view your character’s skill tree from the Character Menu. To open this on consoles, press the Menu button (for Xbox One), Touchpad (for PlayStation 4) or, press the Escape key on PC.

The Skills Tree in Marvel's Avengers

Once you’re there, head to the Skills menu at the top. This is where your available skill trees are listed, with individual skills you can unlock as you go. You can unlock these skills by aquiring Skills Points, which are given to you as you play, with your available skill points shown in the top-right.

To unlock a skill, use your mouse or controller to select an available skill in one of the skill trees. Individual characters in Marvel’s Avengers have separate skill trees. Iron Man might be able to fly, but the Hulk can smash, after all.

Acquiring Skill Points in Marvel’s Avengers

You can earn skill points in Marvel’s Avengers as you level up, with points awarded for experience as you beat enemies and progress through the story. Points are given at the end of each mission, but the best way to level up is to fight. The more you beat your enemies, the more skill points you gain.

The skills you earn are based around fighting, and are grouped into four categories (Light Attack, Heavy Attack, Grab Attack, and Intrinstic Ability Attacks or Upgrades). You can access more advanced skills as you unlock and progress through each skill tree.

Depending on the skill you unlock, you may find that you need to use certain keyboard or controller commands to use the skill. Other skills are passive, improving the available health or damage that your character can inflict, for instance.

Can You Reset Skills In Marvel’s Avengers?

Make sure to select the skills you really want to apply to your character. At present, there isn’t a way to reset your skills in Marvel’s Avengers. With enough time and effort, however, you can unlock all of the skills in this game—you just need to reach Level 50 for that character.

You’ll probably want to do this first with the characters you rely on, but it isn’t a bad idea to go through and grind the skill unlocks for other, lesser-used characters. You’ll also need to do this for new characters that are planned for the game post-release, such as Captain Marvel.

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