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Only a Scratch: The Witcher 3’s Best Difficulty

CD Projekt developed one of the greatest RPGs of all time in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Its complex world and exquisite storytelling put it at the head of the pack of immersive fantasy experiences. However, it can be a challenging adventure to embark on. Fortunately, the game has several options to tailor the difficulty you face. Let’s take a look at what The Witcher 3’s best difficulty is for you.


the difficulty of this challenge is up to you

Just the Story!

Geralt exists in a world filled with intrigue, magic, and every sort of monster you can imagine. It’s also extremely well written. Whether you’re tracking down Yennifer in Novigrad or cleansing a house of a godling, every quest has a well-told story that you want to see through to the end.

If narrative is what you live for, then this is the difficulty for you. Enemies are weaker than normal, but provide the full amount of experience. CD Projekt tuned combat so you can appreciate the story without paying close attention to the “game” parts of The Witcher 3.

Story and Sword!

We think this is The Witcher 3’s best difficulty and the one we recommend for most players. Enemies are challenging to fight but they are balanced in a way that they won’t prevent you from advancing the story and exploring everything that the world has to offer.

Additionally, meditation will restore your HP. This is invaluable if you find yourself with no other means of health recovery. Oils and Potions are valuable at this difficulty level, but not mandatory. If you’re looking for a great mix of challenge and storytelling, Story and Sword is the difficulty for you.

Blood and Broken Bones!

Meditation will no longer heal you at this difficulty level. A good understanding of how Oils and Potions work is a must. Blood and Broken Bones as a great difficulty level for New Game+, or those who are veterans of the Witcher series or this style of action RPG. If you want a real challenge, but don’t want to be punished for every mistake you make, this is the difficulty we recommend.

Death March!

Dark Souls has nothing on the Death March difficulty. Not only are enemies more difficult, but they also give less experience. As a result, you have limited options to grind for levels to brute force your way through a challenging encounter.

Only the most devoted players should consider Death March. As with Blood and Broken Bones, meditation doesn’t heal you, so there’s no way to easily recover HP. To survive at this extremely challenging difficulty you need to use Potions often, carefully apply Oils, and master the combat system. If you can conquer The Witcher 3 at this difficulty, Geralt has nothing on your skills.

No matter your play style, there is a difficulty for you in The Witcher 3. So, if you can avoid the distraction of the amazing card game Gwent, get out there, protect Ciri, and put a stop to the Wild Hunt!

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