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Best Valorant Hack and Cheat Providers for 2021

Tired of wasting money on Valorant hacks and cheats that get detected within days?

And adding to the agony is the non-responsive customer care, no refund policy, etc. right? Then I am glad you are here.

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. I have been duped as well and that’s where the search began.

Search for the most reliable hack and cheat providers. 

I went through 15+ sites testing aspects like customer care, pricing, refunds, ease of payment, etc., and here are 3 of my favorite sites.

Let’s jump straight into it.

Best Valorant Hack and Cheat Providers for 2021

Image Product
BattleLog Valorant Hacks
  • Connect with support staff anytime via chat
  • Become part of a 100k+ member gaming community
  • No time limit to apply for refunds
RivalCheats Valorant Hacks
  • Payment made easy with crypto and local payment modes
  • Cost-effective Valorant hacks
  • The status is page is kept up to date for user safety
AimClub Valorant Hacks
  • Comes with a slot system for hacks
  • Get support 24*7 via chat
  • Chat allows users to add files, emojis, etc.

1. (Best Bang for Your Buck)

Battlelog Valorant Hacks

Buy Valorant Hacks from Battlelog

  • Connect with support staff anytime via chat
  • Become part of a 100k+ member gaming community
  • 1000+ user reviews available on the homepage
  • No time limit to apply for refunds
  • The status page is quickly updated if any hack is detected
  • One of the cheapest hack providers

Battlelog is one of the most complete hacks and cheats providers on the list. No site matches their transparency and responsiveness.

Not kidding. I tested their customer care with 3 different problems and each time they provided the perfect solution in less than 7-minutes

Replies were quick and while my number in the queue was 2, 4, 7 respectively, each time I got connected in less than 4 minutes. That feature is available 24*7 and I didn’t even have to create an account to access it, unlike some others.

Once you create an account, you can also join their Discord and their community. I got accepted to Discord in less than 24-hrs. The community puts you in touch with 100K+ similar gamer’s giving you a platform to share/resolve problems, make teams, etc.

As for transparency, you won’t find 1000+ user reviews on any other site. And that doesn’t just include good reviews but the bad ones as well (they give it to you as it is).

Also, there’s the refund policy where they state that in case of genuine problems, users are likely to receive refunds. There’s no time limit as to when one can apply for a refund.

But these aspects are only good if the hacks are truly undetected, right?

Well. I have been using Valorant hacks for about 2 months now. I renewed the 30-day access just a couple of days back so far haven’t faced any issue. So what makes their hacks so good?

Well, Battlelog does not rely on a few programmers they hired on Upwork or Fiverr. Their developers work full-time not just developing new hacks but also monitoring old ones and making sure they are up to date with the

The newly developed hacks are released after passing through the most stringent of tests for weeks.

But what if the hack gets detected? Well, the team has your back even then. To prevent your RiotGames account from a ban, Battlelog flags these hacks within hours ensuring you do not end up using them.

And in case you do not want to continue with Battlelog, they will be happy to give you a refund as well. Yes, unlike others, there’s no time limit for a refund. Get in touch, let them know your reason and it will be approved within hours.

Hacks from a premium provider are probably going to cost a bomb, right?

Well, believe it or not, Battlelog is one of the most pocket-friendly sites. 24-hour access to the Valorant hacks costs a mere $10 whereas you can get 30-day access for $70, about $25 to $35 less than most sites.

Whether you have used hacks before or not, the custom-loader makes the process of installing and using them easy peasy.


All in all, Battlelog is your best chance at getting hacks that stay undetected for a long time at reasonable prices or even getting a refund if needed.


RivalCheats Valorant Hacks

Buy Valorant Hacks from RivalCheats

  • Payment made easy with crypto and local payment modes
  • Cost-effective Valorant hacks
  • Chat support is available 24*7
  • The status is page is kept up to date for user safety

Going toe to toe with Battlelog in terms of prices is RivalCheats. The 24-hour access costs just $10 while the 7-day access costs $30 which is the same as Battlelog. The only surprise was that the 30-day access costs $80 which is $10 more than Battlelog but still less compared to most other hack providers.

But is the low price the only reason to get Valorant hacks and cheats from them?

I got the Volarant 30-day access from here about 20 days back and usage has been hassle-free. I visit the Status page every day and it is clear the page is updated regularly. You see the Last Update date on the top.

This means any hack that gets detected is flagged quickly ensuring you do not end up buying or using hacks that can get your Riot Account banned. My COD: Warzone hacks have also been going strong for the last few weeks.

I also loved how convenient it is to pay on RivalCheats. They have all local payment methods along with the regular PayPal, Debit/Credit card modes. And if those don’t work for you, you can also pay using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In total. There are 61 payment modes you can turn to.

And if you have any problems, their customer team is available via chat 24*7. This chat support can be accessed without creating an account as well. Though keep in mind, there isn’t any Discord or Forum for issues like with Battlellog.

Though the FAQ page can come in handy. As for the chat, replies weren’t as quick as with Battlelog. Each reply with the support team took about 3-4 minutes although the problems were similar.

Thankfully, the replies were efficient so I didn’t have to talk a lot which helped reduce the waiting time. Also, it is way better than writing a ticket and then waiting for days or weeks (if you get lucky).

Their refund policy isn’t clear-cut either. While there is no time limit as to when you can apply for a refund, whether it is denied or approved rests in the hands of the support staff.


Would I choose RivalCheats over Battlelog? No, but with pocket-friendly prices, multiple payment modes, and decent customer care, RivalCheats is another good option.


AimClub Valorant Hacks

Buy Valorant Hacks from AimClub

  • Comes with a slot system for hacks
  • Get support 24*7 via chat
  • Chat allows users to add files, emojis, etc. 
  • Get the latest updates on the status of the hacks every day

AimClub divides opinion due to its slot system. In case you don’t know, this slot system means every hack can have limited users. This is to better protect the hacks from being detected.

But it also means that there can be times you cannot use the hack you paid for.

Adding to the safety provided by the slot system is the regularly updated Status page. Even on AimClub, the Last Update day is provided on the top, and detected hacks are flagged within hours to prevent account blocks.

If you use your original Riot Games account, then Valorant hacks from AimClub are a good idea.

I also like AimClub’s chat where I can add files, images, send emojis, etc. as it helps me better explain my problems to the support staff. 

But again, my number one preference is Battlelog. Here’s why.

Firstly, it costs more. From the 24-hour access that costs $12 to the 30-day access that costs$75, all games cost $5 to $10 more at AimClub.

Also, their customer service has room for improvement. From waiting in the queue for about 8-10 minutes to replies that took about 2-3 minutes, AimClub can take a cue from Battlelog’s book.

Another thing you’d miss out on is the large community, plus, there’s no Discord either. The FAQ page is helpful but not having these limits the places you can get help from.

Oh, and you don’t get any refunds with According to their policies, once the hack is downloaded and used, the user isn’t eligible for a refund. 

The only time you can get a refund is if a problem isn’t solved within 24-hours. On the bright side, problems won’t take all that long to resolve even with the waiting as the chat is still quicker than the ticket systems most sites still follow.

Lastly, I liked their custom-loader which was easy to use and similar to that used by RivalCheats and Battlelog. 


If you like its slot system and do not mind paying the extra bucks or the slow chat service, then AimClub is the right choice for you. Its hacks also go undetected for weeks (23 days for me so far) which makes them worthy of #3. 

Valorant Hack and Cheat Providers: My Verdict

Finding hacks and cheats can be tricky. It is easy to get scammed or cheated and with this article, I want to make sure you are never duped.

As you can see, Battlelog tops the charts for me with its excellent customer care, 1000+ user reviews, the 100,000+ strong community, and most importantly, their dedication to ensuring hacks stay undetected and detected hacks are quickly flagged.

RivalCheats and AimClub hacks and cheats also go undetected for a long time but both sites lack when it comes to transparency with user reviews or customer care. No doubt they are better than others but there’s still room for improvement.

So if you plan to get hacks like Valorant Aimbot or Valorant ESP, don’t forget to check Battlelog out first.

Charlie Cvetković
Written By

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