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Where Are The Spaceship Parts In GTA 5?

What Is GTA 5?

Racing in high-speed car chases, committing grand heists, there is nothing like the thrill of playing GTA 5. The story in GTA 5 follows three protagonists, namely Franklin, Michael, and Trevor that attempt to fulfill missions while under pressure from major criminals or the corrupt government. 

What is GTA 5

One such mission involves collecting all the spaceship parts spread across the country and delivering it safely to their client, Omega. We’re here to guide you through finding each of them throughout the country and help complete your mission. 

First, let’s understand what these spaceship parts in GTA 5 are. 

What Are The Spaceship Parts In GTA 5?

The spaceship parts are small, glowing objects hidden cleverly throughout Los Santos and bounty county in GTA 5. Some are hidden inside buildings and crevices, while others are on rooftops and even underwater. They emit a rhythmic hum and a pulsing light at night that assists players in finding them. 

Most can be accessed via foot or a vehicle. However, some parts are only accessible through the helicopter. A player can use the Buzzard, but they need to be highly skilled in maneuvering it. Moreover, 50 of these spaceship parts need to be collected. 

50 Spaceship Parts In GTA 5: Location

The Spaceship Parts In GTA 5

Look through the list below to locate where the spaceship parts in GTA 5 are: 

Tip: Use the GTA 5 interactive map to locate the spaceship parts faster. It also includes other important information such as stunt jumps, collectibles, and so on. 

Part 1: Los Santos Gas Company

Part 1 can be found on a pipe between two large dome-like tanks in the Las Santos gas company on the elysian island. The stairs on the west side will help you climb the tanks. 

Part 2: The International Los Santos Airport

For this, Franklin should purchase his hangar as that prevents his star wanted level from rising. After acquiring it, go to the dumpster behind the hangar next door to Franklin’s for part 2.

Part 3: Merryweather base on the Elysian Island 

Part 3 can be found under the water just beside the dock at the Merryweather base. Dive into the sea, and you’ll find the remains of a sunken boat. At the center of the remains, there is a glowing part, which is part 3. 

Part 4: Murrieta Oil Fields on a Rocky Island

Part 4 is located south of the Murrieta Oil Fields, just beside the coast. Go to the beach and swim south of it to the rocky middle island. Travel to the center of the island, and upon climbing to the top of a submerged cliff, you’ll find part 4.

Part 5: El Burro Heights Beach 

Look for part 5 at the El Burro Heights beach by the Elysian fields’ freeway. It is placed inside a storm drain south of the highway and nearby part 4. 

Part 6: Rancho aka Dutch London Street 

Part 6 can be found in the Rancho/London street right at the base of the Watts Towers. Enter the gate leading towards the towers, and to your right, you’ll find part 6 sitting on a bench. 

Part 7: El Burro Heights Oil Field Station 

Enter the largest processing depot in the northern part of the El Burro Heights oil field station. Proceed towards Building 1, and you’ll find many shipping tanks and crates. Part 7 can be found in the rusted green container right behind a small blue one. 

Part 8: Central Los Santos Medical Centre

Part 8 is on a helipad rooftop at the central Los Santos medical center in Davis. Go towards the drive-in emergency room in the west and climb the ladder located there. 

Turn right and take another ladder leading up to part 8, sitting next to the helicopters. After acquiring part 8, it is recommended to travel by helicopter as it’ll help you find some of the other parts on this list. 

Part 9: Strawberry, near the Vanilla Unicorn 

Head to the freeway overpass northwest of the vanilla unicorn. Along the north of the street, under the freeway pass, you’ll find an opening for u-turns. 

Stop at that halfway point and pull out of your vehicle. Turn left from there, and you’ll find part 9 in front of an abandoned couch designed with flowers. 

Part 10: Vespucci in Palomino Avenue

Look for the liquor hole billboard above the Vespucci store in palomino avenue. The board will have a vodka bottle on one side and a basketball player on the other. 

Part 10 can be found by circling towards the back of the building and taking the stairs that lead right to the middle of the billboard. 

Part 11: Murrieta Heights Dam on El Rancho Boulevard 

Part 11 can be found in the catwalks of the Murrieta Heights dam. As soon as you see the barrier, exit your vehicle and go towards the intersection between the two columns in the dam. You’ll be able to reach part 11 by dropping from the side. 

Part 12: The Lake Tower in Vinewood 

This part is easy to find but tricky to acquire if you’re not skilled. When you reach the location, you will find part 12 resting on top of the tower. You can access it by jumping on the handrail and climbing up, or you’ll need a vehicle like a helicopter or a parachute to take it from above. 

Part 13: Cave in Tongya Hills

The cave is located in the tongue hills south of the Marlowe vineyards, between the Buen Vino Road, Banhan canyon drive, and Tongya drive. Drive north along the Tongya drive from Richman/ Pacific bluffs and turn left once you see a creek from the mountain. Approach towards the creek, and you’ll see a cave to your right. You’ll find the part lying on the ground just as you enter the cave.

Part 14: Simmet Alley in the Textile City

Head towards the fabric market called the Simmet Alley in the textile city. You can identify the market by seeing a sign on the northern end of the area. Once you reach there, look to the east, and you’ll find part 14 between a bean machine coffee shop and a fabric store. 

Part 15: Rooftop of the Penris Building 

Part 15 can be gained by only taking a helicopter to the rooftop of the Penris building downtown. Hence, if you’re not already traveling through a helicopter, go towards one of the previous locations like the Vespucci helicopter pad to reach the part. 

Part 16: Construction site in a subway

This location is problematic to find, but there are some ways to reach it. One is to enter the Burton Subway station and head southeast through the tunnels till you reach the construction site. Another way is to approach the Eastern canals, following the train tracks in the storm drains until you reach the construction site. 

Whichever way you take, pull up and take the ramp on the northern side once you arrive at the subway station. You’ll find a couple of construction workers on break sitting on red dividers. Right behind that is where you’ll find part 16. 

Part 17: Richards Majestic Movie Set

You’ll find part 17 on the outer upper level in a house located in the movie set’s complex. It is recommended to use Michael after he completes Solomon’s mission as you don’t want Franklin to get any police attention. 

Part 18: Burton in Las Lagunas Boulevard

Head towards the highest level in Rockford plaza, and you’ll find part 18 hidden inside a shrub. The shrub is located almost at the center of a grassy area just beside a driveway. 

Part 19: Rooftop of Burton Apartments 

Use a helicopter or a parachute to access this part, which is in Burton, Carcer Way. Upon reaching, visit the top of the empty Burton apartments directly west of the Los Santos customs, and you’ll find the part lying in an empty pool. 

Part 20: Los Santos Golf Club

This part is in the Rockford hills at the Los Santos golf club. Approach the small piece of land in the center of the massive pond in the south, where you’ll find part 20. 

Part 21: Land Act Reservoir 

Part 21 can be found simply by diving under the wooden dock built at the land act reservoir. 

Part 22: The Concrete Pipes

The concrete pipes in the “Land Act Reservoir” are easy to discover as they’re just beside part 21. It can be found on the northern end of the reservoir, right in front of the numerous huge drainage pipes. 

Part 23: Lake Vinwood Dam

Head to the lake Vinwood dam in the Vinwood hills, where a cylindrical part of the wall will be situated. You can spot it by the several remnants of scaffolding stuck on the east side. Swim to that area and dive to find part 23. 

Part 24: Beach in the Tataviam Mountains 

Head northeast from the land act reservoir, where you’ll find the beach in the Tataviam mountains. The part can be found on a sandy section beside the ocean-side cliff on the coast.

Part 25: Parsons Rehabilitation Center 

Part 25 is at the Parsons Rehabilitation center in Richman Marlowe drive. Look for a black gate and enter it to the parking lot, where you’ll find a small grassy garden with a pond. The part is sitting right under the closest tree beside the pond. 

Part 26: Galileo Observatory Roof 

Drive to the Galileo observatory and take the stairs to the rooftop. There you’ll find part 26 to your left at the edge just beside the telescope dome. 

Part 27: Banham canyon

You’ll find part 27 at a house in the Banham canyon. Once you drive up to the house, leave your vehicle and go around to the back of the house. There you’ll find the spaceship part near a small telescope stationed near the southwest of Weston’s house. 

Part 28: Wind Farm cave 

This part is in a cave beside the east coast, just east of the wind farm. Enter the cave and move to the northeast section, where on diving straight down, you’ll find the part. 

Part 29: Mount Haan road in the Grand Senora Desert

Once you reach Mount Haan road, look for the halfway point and pull up. Leave your vehicle and walk down the slope, where you’ll find the part along the eastern side of a dirt road. It is placed beneath a rocky cliff just to your right. 

Part 30: Marlowe Vineyard in the Tongya Hills 

Part 30 can be located in Marlowe Vineyard, just in between the southern sections of vines. It’ll be lying on the ground of a downward slope. 

Part 31: Marlowe Vineyard Waterfall in the Tongya Hills 

Head towards the east, where you’ll come across a bridge overlooking a small waterfall facing the south. Exit your vehicle and dive inside the water to the bottom, where you’ll find part 31. 

Part 32: Redwood Lights Track in the Grand Senora Desert

This part is situated in the Grand Senora Desert southeast of the Redwood Lights Track. As you near it, you’ll see a sign saying welcome and the painting of an alien head beside it. The part is lying beside the right pole on which the sign is mounted. 

Part 33: Abandoned House in the Grand Senora 

Just to the east of the Great Chaparral Border, you’ll find part 33 hidden in an abandoned house situated there. Circle towards the back of the house, and the part will be sitting beside one of the supporting beams. 

Part 34: Boat in the Grand Senora Desert 

Proceed towards the Harmony area in the Grand Senora Desert just southwest of the airport and north of a discount store. Part 34 is concealed under a boat near a couple of caravans and a hill. 

Part 35: Satellites in the Grand Senora Desert

Directly south of the darts/pool hall in the Grand Senora Desert, you’ll find several satellites stationed. Take the ladder leading up to the one on your far left and turn right on the second level, where you’ll find part 35. 

Part 36: Zancudo River Bridge

Once you reach the Zancudo river bridge in the Grand Chapersill in Mount Josiah, inspect the stone pillars supporting the bridge. You’ll find part 36 lying within a crevice in these pillars.

Part 37: Zancudo River at the Almo sea 

This part can be found on the Zancudo River near the Almo sea. It’s situated south of the highway that circles the Almo sea at the waterside down the river. There’ll be a crevice of sorts between two rocks under which it’ll be found. 

Part 38: Sandy Shores in the Airfield  

Head towards the Dart/Pool area, where there’ll be a plain of sand, rocks, and some wild bushes just to the northeast of the airfield. Part 38 is sitting on the tallest mound of gravel and sand right at the center of the shore.

Part 39: Mt. Josiah 

You will need a helicopter or a parachute to acquire this part, situated precariously at the edge of a mountain. It’s hidden on a narrow ledge and is only visible to the naked eye from above. You can reach this mountain from the highway.

Part 40: Sandy Shores in the Alien Shrine 

Southeast of the Dart/Pool hall near the sandy shores is where you’ll find part 40. It is placed in a concealed area on one of the painted sculptures. 

Part 41: Almo Sea 

Part 41 is hidden under the water in the bay area in the Almo sea behind a rundown boathouse diner. 

Part 42: Calafia Bridge in Cassidy Creek 

This is another tricky part to acquire, so swim from the east as the river’s current is comparatively fast. The part is located under the bridge on a rock beside the hills. 

Part 43: A boat shed in the San Chisaki Mountain Range 

Head towards the cul-de-sac in the San Chisaki mountain range at the end of the road, and turn right just before arriving at the dock. Enter the shed and concealed behind a boat is part 43 on the floor. 

Part 44: The Cassidy Creek Bridge in the Raton Canyon 

Use your helicopter here to carefully park on the concrete beam or use a parachute to land on the concrete pillar. You’ll find part 44 sitting beside the vertical beam. 

Part 45: Grapeseed Cow Farms

Proceed towards the west of O Niel’s meth lab, where you’ll come across several grapeseed cow farms. The part will lie in the middle of the area between two columns of empty cow pens. 

Part 46: Paleto Cove on the Paleto Beach 

Part 46 can be found in the Paleto cove north of the Sinar docks. You’ll need to travel to the beach of a tiny island off the shore and onto the rocky peninsula, where you’ll find the part sitting at the center. 

Part 47: Weed Farm Shed on Mt. Chillad

When you reach a weed farm on Mt. Chillad, enter the large shed beside the farm, where you can spot the part lying by an old table. 

Part 48: Paleto Forest 

Once you arrive at the freeway, turn right after passing the Pala Springs cable car station. Part 48 is hidden inside a concrete bridge-like structure on the slope in the middle of the Paleto forest near the highway.

Part 49: Fire Escape Tower in Paleto Bay 

Part 49 can be found in a concrete fire escape tower in Paleto Bay. Once you get past the fence, climb the ladder to reach the third floor where the part is located. 

Part 50: Zancudo Grains Farmhouse 

Finally, you have arrived at the last piece! Head towards the Zancudo Grains farmhouse in the Mount Chillad area east of Paleto Bay. Enter the shed, and you’ll find the last piece at the opposite end. 

Tip: Keep an eye out for abandoned helicopters while you’re collecting and use Trevor to collect them. This is because he’s known for high flight skills, and you can acquire the parts much more quickly. 

Once you’ve gained all the 50 parts, return them to Omega to complete his last mission. 


Acquiring all these 50 spaceship parts is an extremely tedious task that can tire any player. However, every game has its low and high points. After all, there’s no gain without any pain – even in the online gaming domain!

We hope this list has simplified matters by giving you precise locations rather than blindly looking for spaceship parts in GTA 5. Now that you have them, go race against time, find each piece and fulfill your mission!

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