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Monster Hunter World: Best Charge Blade Build

There are a huge variety of weapons to choose from in Capcom’s epic monster battle simulator. The Charge Blade might be the best all around for solo and team players alike, however.

Let’s take a look at the Monster Hunter World best charge blade build currently available.

The Charge Blade

the best charge blade for your charge blade build

You won’t acquire immediately this weapon immediately. However, every Charge Blade user in Monster Hunter World needs to craft the Diablos Tyrannis II. A lot of Diablos will have to be sacrificed to to build this immensely powerful Charge Blade, but the effort is worth it.

The Diablos Tyrannis II has one of the highest base damage stats in the entire game. Additionally, this Charge Blade has two slots where you can apply Augmentations. With 180 Ice Damage, a 15-point Defense boost, and blue sharpness, there is a lot to love about this weapon.

There is a major drawback that you will need to overcome to unlock the full potential of the Diablos Tyrannis II. Without any augmentations or active skills, this Charge Blade has a -30% Affinity. That negative crit chance dramatically impacts your potential maximum DPS.

It’s a good thing then that the Diablos Tyrranis II comes with two Augmentation slots. Adding Affinity Augmentations is a must for one of the slots. The second can be used for whatever suits your playstyle. Though we have to admit, we can’t imagine equipping in anything other than Health Regen to the second slot.

Armor and Accessories in MHW

The mechanics of armor in Monster Hunter World grant you a variety of options as far as which discrete piece of armor you choose to equip. However, you should focus on armor pieces that have native skills that work with your weapon and playstyle. Where possible find pieces that have as many decoration slots as possible.

Similar to the mandatory nature of the Affinity Augmentation for the Charge Blade itself, whatever armor you decide to equip, you will need to ensure that you devote as many resources as possible to the Handicraft Skill. Handicraft increases your sharpness. With enough allocated points, you can boost the Diablos Tyrannis II up to an impressive white sharpness!

Additionally, tracking down armor pieces and decorations that grant you points toward the Attack, Artillery and Focus skills will prove invaluable. The Attack skill does what you think: It increases the attack power of your weapon. Artillery increases the power of your charge phials. Focus increases the rate at which gauges fill and decreases the time for a special attack to charge up.

As you can see, the Diablos Tyrannis II is an amazing Charge Blade. It’s one that you will see often if you play online. Combine it with the Affinity, Handicraft, Attack, and Focus skills, and you will become an unstoppable monster hunting machine!

If you’re looking for further tips, check out our other how-to guides for ideas to improve your gameplay in plenty of other popular games.

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