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Serious Focus in Warframe: How to Remove Lenses

Warframes and weapons can use focus lenses that can have significant impact on your stats and how you approach combat. Knowing how to spec out your frames and favorite guns is an incredibly important aspect of the game. Because these items impact your character so much in Warframe, how to remove lenses is an incredibly important thing to know.

What are Focus Lenses

Focus Lenses are accessories that can be equipped to warframes and weapons which perform a very special task. They convert earned affinity into Focus Points. You then spend these points on unlocking new schools, unlocking and upgrading nodes and increasing your maximum Way Capacity.

You can only install lenses on fully leveled items. So don’t even bother trying to equip one until you’ve completely mastered your equipment. Additionally, if you decide to polarize an item that has a Focus Lens equipped, you’ll have to re-level that weapon or frame back up to maximum before the Focus Lens will start accumulating points again.

But even before any of the above can be done, you’ll need to take and complete the Second Dream quest. Until you’ve succeeded at that mission, Focus Lenses will be beyond your mastery to use. If you plan on utilizing a Focus Lens, it’s in your best interest to seek out and complete the Second Dream as soon as you possibly can.

There are four types of lens to use: Regular, Greater, Eidolon, and Lua lens. With each upgrade, you’ll need a set amount of the previous level of lens. For instance, it takes four Regular Lenses to create a Greater Lens, and one Greater Lens to produce an Eidolon Lens. Keep all of this in mind as you work toward crafting your ideal lens accessory.

One of the rarest lens types in the game

How to Remove Lenses

Okay, on to the main topic of in Warframe, how to remove lenses. Unfortunately, the short answer to this question is: You can’t remove a lens from your frames or guns. Once equipped, a lens is a permanent installation. That doesn’t mean you have to stick with a single lens forever. You can equip a new lens to replace the one already on your warframe or weapon with a brand new one. However, once a frame or weapon has gone down the path of using Focus Lenses, it can never go back.

There is a fair amount of controversy on the inability to unequip lenses from items. Some more conspiracy minded players think this is an active deception on Digital Extremes’ part to drive customers toward buying Platinum. And though that might be the case, we think there is actually an underlying technical or design reason for this particular choice.

The bad news for players is that you can’t really remove lenses once equipped. However, despite this setback, Focus Lenses are an incredibly powerful accessory that every serious player should consider using. Now that you know that you can’t remove lenses, why not take a look at a few of our other Warframe guides to help you save the galaxy!

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