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How to Use COD points in Black Ops 4

The best shooter series in this past decade, Call of Duty, has a dedicated fanbase in the video game industry. Fans wait for a new iteration of the series every year, which introduces enchanting new weapons and highly thrilling game modes. For example, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was released in 2018.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is the fourth installment to the iconic Black Ops sub-series. The game features solo missions, focusing on the backstory of the characters known as specialists. Additionally, there are multiplayer modes like deathmatch and domination. It also includes various zombie maps for you to shoot some heads and take the lives of aggressive yet soulless monsters.

On top of that, new skins, cosmetics, and characters are introduced for gamers in the single-player campaign, zombies mode, and multiplayer. You can attain these by playing the game and completing the objectives. Use them to flex on your friends, making yourself stand out!

However, characters and premium gun skins can’t be acquired regardless of the countless hours you spend in-game. You might ask yourself, what can I do to get these skins? Two words. COD points.

COD points enable you to purchase skins and characters that you wouldn’t be able to gather by playing. However, various questions might be popping up in your mind, ‘How can I get COD points?’, ‘Where should I use my COD points?’

Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn how to buy and use COD points in Black Ops 4.

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How to Buy COD points in Black Ops 4

Before learning how to use COD points in Black Ops 4, you need to first buy some COD points. COD points can be purchased through micro-transactions which differ depending on your platform.

Make sure to use the account that possesses Black Ops 4. Otherwise, you are just buying a gun with no ammunition. Also, avoid using third-party websites to buy COD points because nothing can be done if something goes wrong with the transaction or item purchased.

Below we have listed a few in-game stores you have to use to acquire COD points.

  • PC gamers should use for purchasing COD points.
  • Those who own a PS4 or PS5 should use the PlayStation Store and search COD points on the search bar.
  • Players that play on the Xbox One or Series X can log into the Microsoft Store and purchase COD points.

If you’re in a thanksgiving mood, you can gift your friends COD points with gift cards. Now they can cop some unique skins to dominate deathmatch with your squad on the server! Moreover, we would recommend buying gift cards for the in-game store of your friend’s console.

That way, they can use the same payment process as you. But make sure to tell them to enter the code on the gift card when asked for a payment method during checkout!

Note: Prices may differ in specific regions, but the process of buying COD points is the same, regardless of where you live.

Now that you and your friends have spent some money, you have plenty of COD points to go shopping! In other words, you can directly obtain characters and gun skins that’ll make your friends and opponents jealous! But where can you get these skins?

So, let’s learn how to use COD points in Black Ops 4 to get skins. It will give you a better grasp of how you can spend COD points in Black Ops 4 wisely.

How to Use COD points in Black Ops 4

Use COD points in Black Ops 4

COD points are utilized in the Black Market, a mysterious place where skins are sold. However shady the place feels, it’s pretty easy to trade your points for attractive skins. The Black Market has several places to visit, in particular the Special Orders and the Contraband. In simpler terms, the store and the battle pass.

Let’s see how you can use your COD points to get more skins from the night market:

1. Blackjack Shop

Get your favorite skins at the Blackjack Shop today! The Blackjack shop is an in-game store for you to utilize your COD points. The shop consists of two bundles featured by the game for a limited period.

The bundles include distinct character skins, sprays, profile pictures, and gestures similar to emotes in Fortnite. The featured bundles are the same for every player, so don’t be surprised when you find yourself wearing the same skins as your friends and opponents!

On the other hand, you have your daily shop. As the name suggests, the items in the shop change every twenty-four hours. Moreover, the shop is unique for all gamers, and players won’t have the same items in the daily shop. Check your store daily if you’re looking for skins; the stars may align for you!

The downside is that the skins are too expensive, and the daily shop items cost the most COD points in-game. They are the exact cost as the featured bundle, and there are cheaper options if you want more skins. Either way, if you see a skin you love, just go for it! If not, you can use the other methods below, which give flashy skins and characters for fewer COD points.

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2. Special Orders

The Special Orders in Black Ops 4 offers you skin bundles. In other words, something in bulk to spend your COD points on! The bundles in Special Orders keep changing, so be on the lookout for the ones that would enhance your character’s appearance!

Bundles offer you new sprays, badges, characters, and gun skins. The bundles are ranked on their rarity, scaling from rare to legendary. Additionally, the legendary skins are the most expensive and probably, the best-looking.

There’s a catch – the skins aren’t unlocked instantaneously after you buy them. You have to unlock these items by playing the game. Consider it like a mini-battle pass!

Therefore, when you buy a bundle, make sure it’s active. Keep playing, and you’ll gain experience points. Then you’ll unlock these items eventually, allowing you to add them to your collection.

In short, buy bundles you like and be on the lookout for more new and remarkable skins to be released. If you don’t like the current bundles, fear not. New bundles will come into the store, and you’ll be tempted to splurge.

Keep in mind, Special Orders is a unique concept. It gives you a choice to buy bundles at more moderate prices and also provides an incentive to play more. 

All in all, the only way to get more value out of your COD points is through the battle pass.

3. Battle Pass Tiers

Battle Pass has become the norm in multiplayer games, and Black Ops 4 is no exception. If you don’t know, battle pass takes experience gained by playing the game, and it’s used to unlock tiers or levels. Above that, it’s similar to an RPG, but you get skins instead of powers and abilities.

Keep grinding, you’ll get skins and other cosmetics to customize your character! The more you play, the more you get, unless you decide to buy the Battle Pass tiers.

However, we don’t advise you to spend your COD points on the Battle Pass if you’re playing regularly. Each tier upgrade is a hundred COD points, and there are around two hundred tiers of Battle Pass to complete.

Furthermore, if you want a single skin from the battle pass and it’s a high-tier weapon or character, you have to purchase the previous tiers to get the skin of your dreams.

Instead, gain tiers by playing, and you can complete the battle pass. If you can’t, wait till the end of the season and purchase the tiers you want. That way, you save your COD points! Instead, use those COD points and treat yourself to something better.

Note: COD points are used for cosmetic items in-game. They don’t provide any competitive advantage over other players, so don’t expect your skins to assist in hitting shots in-game. In short, don’t go for every skin in existence, and instead, buy skins you will deploy into action often.

We have shown you all the possible options you can use to spend your COD points in Black Ops 4. Each provides an attractive addition, depending on how much money you are willing to spend on skins.

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Black Ops 4 is entertaining, and the gaming experience can be amplified by using skins. They make characters unique and almost interactive to the senses of all gamers. COD points unlock so many cosmetics, enough to keep you under a spell while you continue to shoot the heads of your opponents during deathmatch.

If you can’t buy COD points, fret not. A decent number of skins can be obtained by playing the game and completing missions. The game gives you enough incentive to keep you indulged with a different story, game modes, and, of course, weapon and character skins.

In conclusion, if you struggled to figure out how to use COD points on Black Ops 4, we have given you the needed information. Go on, embrace getting broke and spend all you want on those beautiful skins!

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