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How to Surf in CSGO? | Beginner’s Guide

The gaming community has regarded CSGO as the most competitive tactical first-person shooter over the past decade. However, a plethora of the audience disregards the extensive selection of game modes CSGO offers to the community. 

For instance, ‘surfing’ has developed into one of the most beloved game modes for the CSGO audience. Whether players navigate surf maps to kill some time or develop their movement mechanics, surfing caters to casual newbies and competitive veterans alike.

Before we dive into how to surf in CSGO, let’s learn more about the communities’ beloved game mode first. 

What is Surfing in CSGO?

Surfing in CSGO

In this game mode, players glide around the map using ramps to surf from one place to another. Surfing through these tricky obstacle maps requires players to polish their movement mechanics to reach the finish line in record time. 

Additionally, Valve has enabled users to develop their own surf maps. This means there is an abundance of obstacle maps, each having its unique approach. Moreover, this has created a devoted audience that consistently grinds the game mode.

On the other hand, newbies can play a good amount of beginner surf maps to learn the basics of surfing. Therefore, if you haven’t surfed before, now’s the time to start!

In this guide, beginners will learn how to surf in CSGO. We’ll break down basic mechanics to get players gliding across beginner-level maps. 

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Basic Movement Mechanics to Master While Surfing

Here are some movement mechanics that can make you an intimidating and effective surfer in CSGO:

  •     Strafing

Strafing is a well-known mechanic throughout the CSGO community. For those who don’t know, strafing is utilizing your movement keys to go left or right. The default key binds to strafe left and right are ‘a’ and ‘d’, respectively. 

Coincidentally, strafing is also a crucial mechanic to learn to surf in CSGO. In other words, while gliding across the ramps, it’s essential to hold the ‘a’ or ‘d’ key to keep the momentum going! 

While trying to glide on the ramp slope, the primary objective is to push yourself against the wall. This means that players should use the ‘a’ key on the right side and hold the ‘d’ key while surfing the left side.

Remember, these are the only keys players should use on their keyboards while surfing. Don’t use ‘w’ to move forward on the ramps. Otherwise, the user will tumble off the map to start the course again. 

As you continue surfing, players will have to jump from one ramp to another. Sometimes, it’ll be inevitable to switch to the opposite side of the ramp. In that instance, users have to switch their strafe key from ‘a’ to ‘d’ and vice versa for a smooth transition. 

Beginners will struggle by switching their keys too early or too late, leading them to fall off the map. As a result, new players should practice their timings while surfing across different ramps to garner more pace. 

  •     Turning Sharp Corners

Another hurdle new surfers face is turning sharp corners. It’s mainly because beginners tend to panic while flying above without a ledge directly ahead of them. In such situations, CSGO players should look for the next ramp while gliding. That’ll help newbies to devise a plan to get onto the next ramp without any worry. 

When you’re turning a sharp corner, slowly move the mouse in the direction you want to traverse towards. In beginner maps, the primary focus while turning corners is on apt crosshair placement and horizontal movement. 

To explain, horizontal movement is moving the mouse left or right without a hitch. It’s not recommended to move your mouse abruptly. This’ll bring about improper crosshair placement, and you’ll presumably drop below without reaching the next ledge. 

Instead, move the mouse steadily and adjust the crosshair by the ledge’s side for a seamless transition to the next ledge. Also, hold the strafe key depending on the direction you’re moving in. 

For example, if the ledge is on the right side, drift the mouse on the right while holding down the ‘d’ key. Mastering this will take some practice, but it’s worth turning into those sharp corners seamlessly. 

  •     Surfing on Close Ramps

Some ramps will be nearby in fast-paced surf maps, making it complicated for players to continue. In such cases, instead of waiting till the end, switch to the other direction pre-emptively while on the ramp. It’s inconvenient to apply this approach to the gameplay at first, but it gets easier after some practice. Also, place the crosshair towards the next turn for maintaining momentum. 

If there’s a massive reduction in speed while turning, you’re probably doing it incorrectly. Also, try moving to the lower part of the slope to gain more speed. This’ll help players to speed run the map quicker. 

  •     Bunny Hopping 

Bunny hopping, also known as ‘b-hopping’, is the art of timing jumps while strafing to move faster than usual. It’s a well-known technique in competitive CSGO matches. Additionally, it’s used by regulars while surfing. Keep in mind, using the bunny hopping technique is helpful while jumping off a ledge to make a sharp turn swiftly.

Of course, training is essential to master bunny hopping. Players can practice their b-hopping skills on normal surfaces. Get used to timing your jumps while moving the mouse and tapping the strafe keys. Mis-timing the leap will make the character hop awkwardly while barely moving, making it tricky to learn.

It’s an advanced technique to master and should be learned after players are well-versed in the basics of surfing. It’ll help in completing surf courses quicker and come in handy while playing CSGO competitively. 

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How to Move Faster While Surfing in CSGO

How to Move Faster While Surfing in CSGO

Now that players are familiar with the baby steps of surfing in CSGO, it’s time to learn about more advanced mechanics. By following certain methods, players can surf faster in-game, allowing them to reach the goal quicker. Here are some tips to help:

  1. Hit the ramp as smoothly as possible to gain momentum. 
  2. Land on the higher side of the ramp’s slope. 
  3. Start going lower at the end and flick off the ramp to gain more speed while surfing.  
  4. Hit the next ramp diagonally to get a fluid landing while maintaining speed. 

While moving at high speed, it’s possible to cut corners and skip ramps to achieve a better time on the map. Some corners can’t be cut, as doing so will lead to a worse finish. Study the maps and experiment with new routes to complete the surf course as quickly as possible to avoid doing this. 

How to Find Surf Servers in CSGO

After jotting down their movement mechanics, players are probably eager to try them out on surf maps. But, where can players enter these virtual places? 

There are different options to get these maps, and we’re here to explain them. 

The simplest way to gain access to surfing is by joining community servers online. The preferred settings are already coded in these servers, making the process of playing the maps less complicated.  

Here’s how to search for surf servers in CSGO: 

  1. Launch the CSGO application. 
  2. Go to the ‘Community Server Browser’ by choosing it in the drop-down menu.
  3. Type surf in the search bar at the bottom. 
  4. After choosing a server, click connect to join the server. 

Now users have access to numerous community maps to surf on! 

However, there are various factors before choosing which servers to surf on.

Types of Surf Servers in CSGO

Types of Surf Servers in CSGO

There is a large variety of surf maps in CSGO, each having distinct challenges to complete. The community categorizes them into surf servers. For instance, skill surf servers are the most popular type of surf server.

Skill surf servers challenge players to complete their maps at record time. Moreover, players can race against different opponents to see who reaches the finish line first. Most skill surf servers have timers to record how quickly players can blaze through their courses. Strive to get the best time and reach the apex of the leader board!

Secondly, combat surf servers exist to brawl against other opponents in the server. It’s mundane for most combat servers to include the AWP as their weapon of choice. Above that, it makes up for an entertaining practice session for those looking to refine their sniping skills. 

In addition, the CSGO community ranks the servers into six different tiers. The first tier is the simplest, and the sixth tier contains the most challenging maps in the game. In other words, the higher the level, the more difficult the map is to complete. 

Players should join servers that are suitable for their skills. 

Pro Tip: Skilled players are recommended to play maps ranging tiers from three to six. 

However, beginners should avoid the temptation of playing higher-ranked maps because they’ll be impossible to complete. One would be perfect to start your surfing journey. After players have mastered the tier one maps, try out two and three as they’ll be challenging to complete. 

Players struggling with particular surf maps should check out skilled surfers that have completed the course already. Checking their positioning will help beginners do better on the map. 

How to Play Surf Servers Offline

CSGO players who prefer to cultivate their surfing skills alone have the alternative of gaming offline, but they have to follow these steps first:

  1. Open the CSGO application.
  2. Download the surf server you want to play offline.
  3. Choose a game mode. Click Play and choose Offline with bots.
  4. Open the Workshop tab in the upper menu. 
  5. Choose the server you’ve downloaded and load it in the game. 

Now, players can access their favorite surf maps offline and play at free will. However, for an unhampered CSGO surfing experience, these commands need to be added in a file and placed in the configuration directory of the CSGO file in the hard drive. 

Surf Maps Recommended for Beginners 

Understandably, new players may feel bewildered with thousands of options just to pick a single map. Therefore, we’ve made a list of the most beginner-friendly maps for CSGO players to kickstart their in-game surfing journey.

  •     surf_beginner

As the name suggests, this map is designed for beginners to partake in their first steps into the surfing universe. This surf map consists of seven stages to reach the next door. The starting stages are short and consist of clearing a single ramp. All in all, it’s a brilliant map to hone your strafing mechanics. 

  •     surf_utopia

This aesthetically designed map has numerous sharp corners and consists of a linear stage. This means players can complete the entire map without ever losing momentum. Once mastered, it’s wonderful and relaxing to surf on repetitively. 

  •     surf_kitsune

The neon-themed map is eye-catching to various players due to its elegant design. What’s best, this map caters to newbies and surfing maestros. As players progress through stages, the stage color keeps switching, adding more to the surfing experience. 

  •     surf_ski_2_go

Winning in terms of popularity, this map has over 250,000 subscribers on the Steam page. A combination of hinges, slopes, and sharp angles provides a rush of adrenaline that keeps players on the edge of their seats while surfing.

  •     surf_mesa

One of the most eye-pleasing maps, Mesa consists of a dungeon for players to surf and explore. If it isn’t convincing enough, there are various complex parts to get a proper grasp, making it appealing for online gamers seeking a challenge. 

  •     surf_lux

Having a futuristic theme, Lux challenges different players’ movement mechanics on varying stages. The map instantly places players in a ramp while transitioning from one place to another. Therefore, it’s maintaining a high pace despite having various stages. 

These maps are suitable for everyone, including beginners, as they are simple to complete but challenging to master, causing players to keep coming back to these maps. Try completing these courses as quickly as possible, as the best runs will be highlighted in the servers made by the CSGO community.


While surfing is a soothing experience when done right, it’s still tricky and can get tilting at times. At such times, take a break and come back when you’re less angry. This’ll help players to return as better, skilled surfers. 

Surfing helps improve players’ gameplay in CSGO in general because it contributes to practicing mechanics like movement and crosshair placement, assisting in adapting to surroundings and so much more.

The only way to beat complex servers is by studying the map and practicing the movement mechanics. Therefore, keep pushing yourself to the limit, defy expectations, and continue to complete surf maps in CSGO!

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