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How to Get Xur in Destiny 2

Every Friday, Destiny 2 players all have one mission: find Xur. The traveling merchant comes to the solar system every week with a stock of exciting and exotic wares in exchange for Legendary Shards.

The problem is, you have to track him down, and he’s never in the same place every week. Herein lies the big question: how do you get to Xur in Destiny 2?

Where to Find Xur in Destiny 2

Xur appears every Friday at 9AM PST/12PM EST/5PM GMT, and will stay in that same location until the following Tuesday.

His location was previously marked on the map, but with the November 2020 update, that is no longer the case.

Xur's Inventory in Destiny 2

That said, don’t despair, as Xur has some regular haunts which will make him slightly easier to track down. These include:

  • Lost City: The Tower Hangar in the Lost City is a regular spot for the traveler. He seems to prefer the northern parts behind Dead Orbit.
  • Earth: Finding Xur on Earth in Destiny 2 requires a little bit of strategy and finesse, or you could risk going through a lost sector. Spawn into Winding Cove and head north, using your jump ability to go up the ledges until you find him. Look for Xur and the group of people that tends to surround him to know you’re on the right track.
  • Nessus: Xur is relatively easy to find on Nessus, mostly because he’s perched on a tree, making him pretty hard to miss. Spawn to Watcher’s Grave and head northwest. Keep your eyes in the trees and you’ll see him soon enough.
  • Io: On Io you’ll find Xur cozied up in a cave. From Giant’s Scar, stick to the left wall and walk through the building nearby. If you keep left, you’ll eventually see the cave.
  • Titan: The most precarious place to find Xur in Destiny 2 is on Titan. The trick is going as low as you can without dying in the methane. Find the dock covered in cargo crates. There will be an opening into a building which houses a small room, where you’ll find Xur.

Hunting For Xur in Destiny 2

Despite how tricky it can be, Xur is worth the hunt. He will always have an exotic weapon and one piece of exotic gear for each character class, making it worth the effort to find him.

If you have the Beyond Light DLC,  he stocks the Five of Swords challenge card. This will modify Nightfall difficulty, and will occasionally offer quests that are rewarded with lore cinematics and legendary engrams. Go find him, and good luck!

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