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Hunt the Predator: How to Beat Jackal in Warframe

Warframe has some incredible boss encounters, and the Jackal is a particularly memorable one. The giant Corpus mech can tear you to pieces if you’re not careful, and taking it down isn’t straightforward. Follow our guide, and we’ll show you how to beat Jackal in Warframe.

What is the Jackal?

The Jackal is a four-legged Corpus mech that acts as the boss of the Fossa, Venus mission. In an abstract sense, it looks like the Earth animal it’s named after, but in practice, the two are nothing alike. The Jackal’s main body has an impenetrable shield that protects it from every attack you throw at it. However, the shield can’t also protect its legs, which is its main point of weakness.

To strike at the mech’s legs, however, you’ll have to contend with two turrets mounted on the Jackal’s head, ground stomps that can stun and toss you aside, and a plasma grenade launcher. To call the Jackal intimidating might be an understatement.

How to Beat Jackal

When the battle starts, the Jackal wastes no time and immediately goes on the offensive. So should you. Get in close as fast as you can and attack the Jackal’s legs. Before long, it will stumble and pound the ground, which will knock you backward. From there it activates an X-shaped forcefield that does considerable amounts of damage to you if you come in contact with it.

There are several ways to handle the forcefield. With excellent timing, you can jump over it. This becomes more difficult as the four-legged mechanical beast changes the direction the energy field rotates.  You can also hide behind one of several pillars in the space, but these will eventually crumble from the force field’s power. We’ve found that the best strategy is to climb up the back wall of the arena, and wall jump up it over and over until the attack ends.

a great strategy for how to beat jackal in warframe is to wall jump

Once the Jackal runs out of energy for the force field, it will come crashing back to the ground. Make sure you’re nowhere near it when this happens. The damage it does is substantial. After the shockwave ends, avoid the electrical environmental hazards and make your way in close. Once within range, stab one of the Jackal’s weakened legs with your Parazon.

The beast will wail in pain and retreat to another, identical-looking room. Once this occurs, the pattern will repeat itself. You’ll need to destroy all four of its legs in this manner. If you survive, you’ll be rewarded with some pretty decent blueprints you can use to craft a new armor set and potentially some new guns.

That’s How You Beat Jackal in Warframe

With Jackal defeated, take your new Rhino blueprints and become an unstoppable war machine yourself. While you’re at it, take a look at some of the best guns and amps in Warframe.

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