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How do you play Escape from Tarkov?

Escape from Tarkov is an immersive online first-person survival shooter that takes realism to the next level. It’s a little like an old shooter and a little like a survival game. There are several ways you can play Escape from Tarkov, including different game modes and options for playing solo or with friends.

Escape From Tarkov has two modes of play: A private Military Contractor or a Scav

The PMC and Scavs are two opposing factions that have been fighting for control of the city of Tarkov for years. 

The PMCs are trying to get out, while the Scavs are trying to keep them in. PMC is your main character, with skills, equipment, and quests that carry over from game to game. Tarkov’s central conceit is that if you die while carrying gear on your PMC, you lose all of it. 

There are some techniques for recovering gear from a dead PMC, but in general, if you die while playing as a PMC, the gear you are carrying and wielding is lost. PMCs can go on quests for the game’s merchants and stockpile resources to become stronger. 


Every time you load into a run, you must equip your PMC, replenishing ammo, meds, and other supplies.

Scavs are the antagonistic faction to PMCs. Every player has a PMC but can also play as a Scav. Scavs are Tarkov’s armed ex-civilians.

Some Scavs are controlled by the AI and spawn throughout the game, whereas others are controlled by players.

A Scav run is a temporary AI character that you can pilot for a single lobby.

If you die during a raid, you will lose everything you took and found. Organize your backup inventory kits, use secure containers, and protect yourself with insurance.

The best way to survive in Escape From Tarkov is by joining one of these groups or being neutral so that you can choose who you want to work with.

But if you decide to join one of the factions, be aware that they have their own rules. If you break them, not only will you get kicked out but it might also cost your life.

Escape from Tarkov: Extracts

Extracts are the end point of every mission in Escape From Tarkov. These serve as checkpoints that allow you to exit a mission and return to it at a later time. Each map has many extraction points, but not all of them are always available. Some need items, while others need cash, but none are marked on the map.

If your raid timer expires before you reach an extraction point (or if any member dies) then you will lose all gear and money earned during that mission except for any items that were insured beforehand by bringing them to an armory first

Escape from Tarkov: Tasks

Each vendor in the game offers players jobs in addition to weapons and other stuff. These are small missions that can take up to several hours to complete, and they reward you with a large amount of money for your effort.

Depending on where you are on escaping the city of Tarkov, these tasks may be harder or easier for you than others – so keep an eye out for anything that seems out of place!

Escape from Tarkov: Proximity chat

The game has a proximity chat or voice-over IP that allows players to communicate with each other. Any Tarkov player can use the proximity chat or VOIP, which is one of their most powerful tools. To communicate with other players, use your microphone. You can bargain, avoid conflict, or even beg for your life, so make sure the key is bound in a location that is simple to access. VoIP is very helpful for Scav raids because it allows you to talk with other Scav players and even work out a deal with PMC players to assure them that you are not a threat

Escape from Tarkov: Insurance

You can pay a price to have your belongings insured before entering a raid. But, this isn’t infallible; if you insure your expensive assault gun and someone else steals it from your icy, lifeless hands, you won’t be able to get it back.

Escape from Tarkov: Offline raids

Offline raids are an excellent way to plan farming routes across the game and become familiar with the entrances and exits of each place, even if they won’t earn you any treasure. You won’t get any new equipment, but you also won’t discard any of the gear you already have.

Escape from Tarkov: Secure container

The Secure Container is one of the most significant inventory items in Escape from Tarkov. Whatever is placed in this container will be secure and returned during a raid, even if you are slain, as the name suggests. Though you may buy larger ones and also earn them through chores, the capacity is limited, so you’ll want to use it.

Is Escape from Tarkov on the console?

Escape from Tarkov is not currently available on the console. It is only available on PC through their pre-order website. 

Is Escape from Tarkov free?

Escape is Tarkov is not free. The price of the editions ranges from $49.99 up to $139.99 you can buy it. Here is a step-by-step guide on How to download Escape from Tarkov?

Escape from Tarkov is a lot of fun but can be overwhelming at first.

If you’re new to Escape from Tarkov, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. The game is different than other shooters and RPGs in that there are no health bars, no ammo counters, and no HUD elements telling you how much damage you’ve done. Instead, the game has a more realistic approach to combat where every bullet counts. To play the game well, it’s important to practice using stealth and cover tactics while navigating some of the Escape from Tarkov’s more difficult maps so that you can avoid getting into unnecessary fights or running out of ammo too.

If possible try playing one of Escape from Tarkov’s tutorial missions before jumping into an online match with other players so that you get used to how things work before joining a squad in ranked matches with real people who may have already played for hours upon hours before meeting someone new like yourself who isn’t quite as experienced yet!

Here are three simple early-game tips: focus on completing quests, avoid the TerraLabs dorms on Customs, and keep your medical supplies in your safe container.

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