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Going Mega in Stellaris: How Do You Get Mega-Engineering

Mega-Structures are amazing creations in Stellaris that require a huge investment of time, resources, and energy to make a reality. If you commit to the work needed to create a Mega-Structure, the payoffs are totally worth it. Before you can build one of these giant structures, you need to have mastered the Mega-Engineering technology. However, in Stellaris, how do you get Mega-Engineering?

The first thing you should know about technology in Stellaris, is that it works differently than some other 4X strategy games. Sure, you have to meet a bunch of prerequisites, but even after meeting those, there is still some luck needed. Technologies appear randomly in Stellaris once the steps to gain them have been met. So just because you complete the process below, don’t expect Mega-Engineering to spontaneously appear.

One additional bit of info you’ll need to keep in mind is that to take full advantage of Mega-Structures, you’ll need to download and install the Utopia DLC. While you can find and utilize Mega-Structures in vanilla Stellaris, you won’t be able to unlock Mega-Engineering or create your own Mega-Structures without it.

In Stellaris, How Do You Get Mega-Engineering?

As mentioned, to unlock the ability to build Mega-Structures, you’ll need to put in a lot of work. Mega-Engineering is designed to be an end game technology. There are several types of tech that you have to master before the opportunity to unlock Mega-Engineering appears.

First on the list is Zero Point Power. This Tier 4 Physics technology is toward the end of the power tech tree. And to achieve Zero Point Power, you’ll have to start with Fission, move on to Fusion, then to Cold Fusion, and finally Antimatter Power before you can get the needed energy technology.

Next up is the ability to build Battleships. Battleships are a Tier 4 Engineering tech. Corvettes, Destroyers, and Cruisers all precede these powerful war vessels.

Last up is Citadels. These massive battle stations are Tier 4, like the other prerequisites. To earn the privilege of building these, you’ll first have to learn how to master Offworld Construction, Starbase Construction, Starports, Starholds, and Star Fortresses.

A massive product of Mega-Engineering

One Last Requirement

Even after you’ve mastered Battleships, Zero Point Power, and Citadels, because Mega-Engineering is a Tier 5 Engineering tech, you’ll need a total of six completed Engineering technologies before it has the ability to appear. Also, be aware that Zero Point Power is a Physics technology, so it will not count toward your Engineering tech requirements.

Once you’ve put in the work, it will only be a matter of time before Mega-Engineering makes an appearance. And once you’ve completed research on it, the highly valuable and coveted Mega-Structures will be under your control.

In Stellaris, how do you get Mega-Engineering? Work, work, and then a little more work. It’s a time commitment, but one of the most worthwhile endeavors in the game. While you wait for your research to complete, why don’t you check out some of our other amazing Stellaris guides to help you rule the galaxy!

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