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How to get Black Ops 2 Diamond Camo?

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is a first-person shooter developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. At the time of its launch, Black Ops 2 grossed over $500 million in sales within 24 hours, making it a commercial success.

The game comes with significant improvements made to the multiplayer mode in the form of Pick 10. It is a new system in which a player can create a personalized class with weapons, grenades, and additional perks.

Like other Call of Duty games, Black Ops 2 also gives you the option to change the look of your weapons with a bunch of camos for all weapon classes. Keep in mind, players will be able to unlock these skins after completing weapon challenges.

Let’s take a look at how we can complete these challenges and unlock these skins. This article on how to get black ops 2 diamond camo will guide you through the intensive process of acquiring that diamond camo for your favorite guns.

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Getting started with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 

Getting started with Call of Duty Black Ops 2

In case you are wondering if there is a shortcut to getting a diamond camo in Black Ops 2, I’m afraid there isn’t one. 

Having the diamond camo on your weapon makes it look cool, but it also means business. The journey is long and will require multiple hours of gameplay, but rest assured, it is an exciting one!

Without further ado, here are some suggestions to help you get started.

1. Understand the basics 

Before we jump into the hardcore action that Black Ops 2 has in store for us, let’s take a look at some essential information on the basics:

  • Black Ops 2 is a first-person shooter with realistic game physics. If you are new to this gaming style, you will need to practice a bit.
  • Understand the various maps and game modes that Black Ops 2 has to offer. It is easier to attack or defend if you are aware of your environment.
  • It is easier to kill if you are in a pack. Try to stick with your team to take down the opposition efficiently.

2. Master your weapons

Black Ops 2 has a plethora of weapons to choose from and to confuse you. Here are a few tips that will help us get battle ready:

  • Black Ops 2 lets the player choose from a wide variety of weapons. These weapons are segregated into classes based on their attributes. Classes like melee, sub-machine guns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles are a few to name.
  • Practice is the only way to move forward. Your chance of unlocking attachments increases the more you use the same weapon.
  • After unlocking most of the attachments, you can customize your weapon to match your play style.
  • New players should use the ‘Assault Rifle’ class as the guns are easy to use and deal a fair bit of damage. Throw in a few attachments, and you’ll have a definite heavy hitter in your arsenal.

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3. Game modes

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 sets a benchmark for what fans should expect from big-budget shooting games. Let’s dive deeper into the three captivating game modes of Black Ops 2:

  • Campaign mode: Black Ops 2 has a campaign mode with ample big moments that we expect from the Call of Duty series. Add in vehicle explosions, futuristic tech, epic firefights, and you’ve got a campaign that will leave you wanting more. 

    The campaign also has a storyline that emotionally engages the player. Treyarch has managed to implement a non-linear storyline in the gameplay. Additionally, decisions made by the player in-game will change the outcome of the mission.Fret not! The action hits the pacing sweet spot that Call Of Duty campaigns know so well.


  • Multiplayer mode: Unlike its predecessors, Black Ops 2 ditches its cod points and adopts a new token system that lets you unlock new weapons and gear. 

    The multiplayer mode is a zippy battlefield that requires players to be precise and their reflexes to be instinctive.Moreover, the addition of ranked leagues in multiplayer mode keeps the game mode lively. This mode puts you right in the midst of the action. After five placement matches, your team is put in a league, and you can fight your way to the top.

    The diamond camo for your weapons is available in this game mode in Black Ops 2. Moreover, players can rank up their weapons by completing a series of challenges.


  • Zombie mode: The zombie mode in its third incarnation is as challenging and frantic as ever. This mode calls for your survival instincts as hordes of zombies charge towards you. 

    The co-op story mode adds humor to this mode as you run around gathering parts to fix machines.For a new player, the zombie mode could be highly entertaining. In contrast, seasoned players are better off sticking to the multiplayer mode where they can rank up. 

Tips To Quickly Get Diamond Camo In Black Ops 2

Quickly Get Diamond Camo In Black Ops 2

Now that you have the basics under your belt, we can move on to how to get a diamond camo in Black Ops 2.  

Camos can be unlocked in the multiplayer mode of the game. There are a total of sixteen skins that can be unlocked by completing a series of weapon-specific challenges.

Let’s look at a few tricks to get the Black Ops 2 Diamond Camo:

  • Players will have to level up a weapon to gain access to attachments. These mods affect the attributes of a weapon, making it steadier and giving players a better chance to down the foe.
  • Players have to complete a challenge before the next one can be unlocked. The final camo for all weapons is the gold camo. However, there is another camo that can be unlocked.
  • The diamond camo can be unlocked by getting the gold camo on all weapons in a class. It covers the weapon in numerous diamonds. Not to forget, to unlock the diamond camo, all weapons in a class must have the gold camo unlocked.
  • One of the fastest ways to level up is to play smaller maps. Smaller maps equal more action, which means you can get more kills, and the games will be short as well.
  • The initial nine camouflages are unlocked through accumulations of the ‘kills’ stat. After which, the challenges diversify and each challenge is different in terms of the demanded skillset, opponent specifics, weapon limitations, and terrain type.
  • Challenges vary from earning medals by completing tasks in-game, using your weapon without any attachments, and getting a certain number of headshots.
  • Play ‘hardcore’ or ‘kill confirmed’ if you’re having a hard time with single-fire assault rifles. These weapons are a one-shot kill. This will help you finish your challenges without much difficulty.
  • Start using simple scorestreaks. This ensures you focus on completing your weapon challenge. The objective is to get the diamond camo in Black Ops 2. Also, the diamond camo will require mastery of all weapons in the class.


Completing all camo challenges for a particular weapon will unlock the gold camo for that weapon. To get the diamond camo, all the weapons in the class must have the gold camo. This is the only way to get the diamond camo in Black Ops 2.

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 The camo aspect of Black Ops 2 makes the game exciting by adding side quests to the game and keeping it fresh.

 They also show the level of mastery of a weapon class and show that the player has put numerous hours of work into that weapon.

Now that you know how to get a diamond camo in Black Ops 2 it’s time to start your journey. 

Additional Tips To Boost Your Progress

Here are a few tips to help you on your COD journey:

  • It pays to have faster reflexes in a gunfight. Always plan your moves before they happen to get more control of the situation and turn the outcome in your favor. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings, so you know what cover is available in case you get ambushed by your enemies. This also gives an advantage over aggressive players and allows you to react faster.
  • Running is not always better than walking. Walking when near a gunfight gives you more control over the crosshair so you can aim better. It also readies your weapon much faster than if you were running.
  • Scorestreaks can easily change the outcome of a match if they are used wisely. Consistency is key; use scorestreaks that assist you in earning consistently. Though larger scorestreaks deal a ridiculous amount of damage, the smaller ones will have a bigger impact on your chances of winning the match.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has managed to stay a fan favorite years after its release. The action gives you an endorphin rush that leaves any gaming enthusiast wanting more.

The storyline, along with the side quests in multiplayer mode make the game complete.

The quest for the diamond camo also keeps players hooked without being long in the tooth. If shooting games are your thing and you’re a gamer who can turn any crosshair technicalities in your favor, diamonds in Black Ops 2 will come to you naturally!

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