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Destiny 2: 3 Best Catalysts

In Destiny 2, Catalysts have the ability to dramatically improve an exotic weapon and your overall combat experience. However, some Catalysts will also have little to no effect on its exotic weapon.

While some Catalysts only upgrade stats like range or damage, other Catalysts can unlock entirely new perks that completely change the way you use a weapon. To help you, we’ve put together this guide to the 3 best Destiny 2 Catalysts and how to find them.

Trinity Ghoul Catalyst

For our best choice, we have chosen the Trinity Ghoul Catalyst. The Trinity Ghoul Catalyst will give you the Forked Lightning Perk. This perk will reduce the Trinity Ghoul Combat Bow’s draw time by -108. This will allow you to be faster in combat and will help you increase your kill count.

It will also allow the Lightning Rod perk to activate from every final blow when arc damage is made. To find the Trinity Ghoul Catalyst you will need to get kills or completions in Strikes or Nightfalls, Gambit, and Crucible.

To unlock the Catalyst, you will need to get 400 kills with the Trinity Ghoul Combat Bow.

Riskrunner Catalyst

Our next, best choice is the Riskrunner Catalyst. The Riskrunner Catalyst will increase the Riskrunner Sub Machine Gun’s range by +27. This increase in range will develop the versatility of the Riskrunner, as well as reducing the damage drop off and increase its effectiveness in long-distance engagements.

To find the Riskrunner Catalyst you will need to complete the Pain and Gain quest. Alternatively, you can get kills and completions in Strikes or Nightfalls. To unlock the Riskrunner Catalyst, you need 500 kills using the Riskrunner Sub Machine Gun and 50 Arc Conductor kills too.

No Time to Explain Catalyst

For our third best choice, we have chosen the No Time to Explain Catalyst. The No Time to Explain Catalyst will give you the Blast from the Side perk. This perk increases the frequency of the time portal’s projectile shots. For the time portal to spawn, you need to get ten stacks while using the Time Slip perk.

The time portal will shoot nearby enemies and the Catalyst will effectively speed this process up. You can find this Catalyst by completing the Exo Stranger’s quest upon finishing the Beyond Light campaign. To unlock the No Time to Explain Catalyst, you will need to get 700 kills using the No Time to Explain pulse rifle.

Now you know our picks for the best Catalysts in Destiny 2, you can go find and unlock them. Test them out, see what you think—if you have your own thoughts or recommendations, drop them in the comments below.

If you’re new to Destiny 2, there are a number of things you can try. For instance, if you’re looking for some exciting and exotic wares, you can try to get Xur, or figure out how to perform a Leviathan Raid instead.

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Lucy Edwards is a 21-year-old tattooed freelance writer and journalist, gamer, and trying-new-things enthusiast. After graduating with a BA (Hons) in English Literature, Lucy's love of storytelling has led to her overanalyzing every game she plays that has a solid storyline. You can see more of Lucy's work at

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