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Best DayZ Hack and Cheat Providers for 2021

Looking for DayZ hacks but not sure which site to trust with your money? Well, you are in luck.

A few months back, I was scammed of $100 as the COD: Advanced Warfare hacks I bought got detected within days.

Never got a refund but that’s when I realized there are trust issues between users and hack providers. And so you and the good site don’t suffer, I decided to test and create a list of the top hack and cheat providers on the web for games including DayZ

These sites don’t just have undetected hacks but also good customer support, and pocket-friendly pricing. So let’s jump to it.

Best DayZ Hack and Cheat Providers for 2021

Image Product
BattleLog DayZ Hacks
  • Get help via 24*7 chat, forum, or Discord
  • 1000+ user reviews available on the homepage
  • Flags detected cheats within hours
RivalCheats DayZ Hacks
  • Accepts local modes and crypto for quick, easy payments
  • Get DayZ hacks on the cheap
  • Find help anywhere, anytime via chat
AimClub DayZ Hacks
  • Slot system better protects hacks from anti-cheat mechanisms
  • Add emojis, files, etc. on the chat for quicker solutions to problems
  • Pocket-friendly pricing for DayZ hacks

1. (Best Value for Your Money)

Battlelog DayZ Hacks

Check DayZ Hacks on BattleLog

  • Get help via 24*7 chat, forum, or Discord
  • View real, unedited user reviews before buying
  • 1000+ user reviews available on the homepage
  • Refund requests are likely to be accepted 
  • Flags detected cheats within hours
  • Cheapest hack provider on the list 

With a combination of undetected DayZ hacks and customer support so fast it can even give big brands a run for their money, Battlelog is the undisputed number for me. Read below for more details.

I was most impressed by their customer care. In a space with such trust issues, the right communication is very important and Battlelog delivers just that with their 24*7 chat.

A chat you can access without creating any profile to clear any pre-sale doubts you may have. And connecting to the staff takes less than 5 minutes. I tried their chat 3 times across various times and it was the same.

Furthermore, replies were also the quickest each time while providing the correct solution to the multiple problems I put forward. This kept the conversations short and easy and at the end of the chat, I even got to review/rate the staff which showed my opinion mattered.

Also, there’s a Discord, FAQ, page, and a 100k strong community. While Discord requests are accepted in less than 24-hours, the community is a great way to meet gamers, resolve problems, and build a following for your channel.

They also show you user reviews as it is. Yes, on the homepage you can view both the good and bad user reviews. And since most were positive I knew I was putting my money in the right place. Also, Battlelog so far is the only site with the confidence to show user reviews.

Now, let’s talk about their hacks.

The DayZ hacks have lasted me for 1 month now and it is up for renewal in the next 2 days. So far, I have faced no issues and I am using them with my original account as well (a calculated risk I would not take on any other hack provider).

Another reason I put so much trust in them is that they have a team of programmers working for them 24*7. Not only do they release hacks after weeks of testing but hacks are regularly updated along with the Status page.

The Status page tells you which hacks are inactive, active, and currently undergoing updates. This ensures you only buy and download active, undetected hacks and quickly stop using detected hacks, in turn, ensuring your account is safe.

All these benefits come at pocket-friendly prices as well. 24-hour access to the hacks costs just $10. A premium pack with 30-days access costs around $80, much less than the $140-$150 you’d have to pay on some other sites.

Oh, and while those expensive sites won’t give you refunds, Battlelog is open to it if your reason is genuine and there’s no time limit on it either.

Lastly, I found their custom-loader pretty intuitive so whether you have used hacks before or not, you should be good to go within a few minutes.


RivalCheats DayZ hacks

Check DayZ Hacks on RivalCheats

  • Accepts local modes and crypto for quick, easy payments
  • Get DayZ hacks on the cheap
  • Find help anywhere, anytime via chat
  • Quickly flag detected hacks on the status page

Next on the list is and while it isn’t as amazing as Battlelog, there’s plenty to like about it over most sites.

Wondering what?

Firstly, the pricing. Going toe to toe with Battlelog for most games,  you can expect to pay about the same here for your DayZ hacks like Aimbot, ESP, etc. whether it is 24-hour access or 30-days access.

Another thing I love here is the ease of making payments. The whopping 61 modes of payment available here include not just regular payment methods like PayPal, Debit/Credit Card but also local payment options.

For example, Indians coming to RivalCheats can use UPI or PayTM to make payments. 

Not just that, if you do not have your card or can’t remember your PIN, no problem, RivalCheats also accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

But what about their hacks? Will they last you long?

Well, my DayZ hack is about 27 days old now and so far I have nothing to complain about. Usage is smooth and downloading/installing took minutes thanks to their custom loader.

More importantly, they also maintain their Status page strictly. It is updated daily so you are never in the dark about the status of the hack you are using or downloading. This protects your gaming account and your money as you do not spend it on deactivated hacks.

And so you know exactly when it was last updated, the complete date is mentioned on the top of the page.

On the downside, refunds aren’t as likely here as on Battlelog. While there isn’t a policy against refunds, it rests completely in the hands of the support staff (time to buck up on your persuasion skills I guess).

Talking about their customer care, well, that’s where they can take a page out of Battlelog’s book. Don’t get me wrong, I would prefer the 24*7 chat over the slow ticket system I found on most sites but all the waiting can be a tad annoying.

Though while you wait in the queue or for a reply, you can always check out the FAQ page for quick solutions.

Also, keep in mind there is no Discord or a huge community to help you out on RivalCheats. Not a dealbreaker for me but never a bad thing to have people around to help, right?.


AimClub DayZ hacks

Check DayZ Hacks on AimClub

  • Slot system better protects hacks from anti-cheat mechanisms
  • Chat support is available 24*7
  • Add emojis, files, etc. on the chat for quicker solutions to problems
  • Pocket-friendly pricing for DayZ hacks

Lastly, on the list is The most unique thing about them is the slot system. I like the slot system and it is great for people that want to use hacks with their original gaming account but it also has its downsides.

Since a limited number of people can use a hack at a particular time, you could likely be left waiting for hours to use the hack. And if you are a pro gamer or fanatic that’s constantly glued to your laptops, that’s a bummer.

Though from experience I can tell you that it works like a charm. My DayZ hacks purchased from AimClub work perfectly well. Yes, there have been moments I couldn’t use them but that’s rare.

Also, while I found AimClub’s pricing a tad higher for some games compared to Battlelog or RivalCheats, Dayz hack prices are pretty much the same. The 30-day hack costs around $80 while you can get 24-hour access for $10.

Plus, they are equally good at updating the hack status page. With the date on top, you know when it was last updated (FYI, pretty much every day). At the time of writing this article, all DayZ hacks were up and running.

Like the above-mentioned hack providers, AimClub also works with an in-house team of developers responsible for developing sophisticated tech that can overcome anti-cheat mechanisms for weeks/months along with maintaining and updating the hacks.

Coming to the downsides, their customer support needs improvement. I hate waiting for replies to tickets and while it isn’t as bad, replies on the 24*7 chat can take around 2-4 minutes. Thankfully, the staff did solve my problem with the correct solution each time.

Another reason AimClub is #3 and not #1 is because they flat out refuse refunds once the hack has been downloaded and used.

Also, their community/forum isn’t as big or active as Battlelog, and neither did I find a link to their Discord. 

Furthermore, there are no user reviews on their site either. While not exactly red flags as most sites don’t give refunds or have a review section, it sure does add to the trust as with Battlelog.

All in all, AimClub is better than most cheat providers and the slot system comes in handy for many gamers but if I had to choose between Battlelog and AimClub, Battlelog is hands down the winner.

DayZ Hack and Cheat Providers: Final Verdict

So that’s my list of the hack providers you can turn to hacks and cheats like DayZ aimbot, ESP, Wallhack, etc.  No hack is undetectable, but sites like Battlelog go the extra mile to keep your gaming account safe.

Plus, help is readily available when needed which makes this site ideal for long-term usage.

RivalCheats and AimClub are good and pocket-friendly but there are areas they can improve like their customer service and transparency by adding user reviews, accepting refund requests, etc.

But if you prefer the slot system of AimClub or RivalCheats, be rest assured, the hacks will have no problem.

Charlie Cvetković
Written By

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