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COD: Cold War Hacks and Cheats: Best Hack Providers for 2021

Did you just lose your Activision account after your Cold War hack was detected? Or maybe you are tired of waiting for 2+ days to know about your refund or replacement.

Yup, finding trustable hack and cheat providers can be tough. And that’s exactly what I am looking to solve in this post.

After being burned for $100, I tested out 15 sites and picked out 3 that don’t just have undetected hacks but also a quick and responsive, 24*7 customer care, refund/replacement policy, user reviews, etc.

So here’s where you should go for your COD: Cold War hacks.

COD: Cold War Hacks: Best Hack Providers for 2021

Image Product
BattleLog Cold War Hacks
  • Get 24*7 customer Support
  • Hack tatus page is updated multiple times a day
  • One of the cheapest hack providers on the market
RivalCheats Cold War Hacks
  • Cold War hacks are available for less than $50
  • Constantly update hack status to prevent account bans
  • Hacks are easy to download and use
AimClub Cold War Hacks
  • Slot system keeps account protected better as hacks are harder to detect
  • Meet like-minded gamers on the forum
  • They have a vast library of hacks and cheats


Battlelog Cold War Hacks and Cheats

Buy Cold War Hacks and Cheats from Battlelog

  • Get 24*7 customer Support
  • Hack tatus page is updated multiple times a day
  • Use hacks for months without being detected
  • 1000+ user reviews
  • One of the cheapest hack providers on the market
  • Accept multiple payment modes
  • Loader makes downloading and using hacks a breeze

If you are looking for hacks, whether for Cold War, Warzone, or even Overwatch, is hands down my favorite. They checked pretty much every criterion I had.

I have been using the Cold War Aimbot and Radar hacks for 1 month now and have faced no issues. And it isn’t just me.

I connected with over 15 Cold War gamers on the Battlelog community that you get to be part of after making a purchase and people have been using them for even more months without hassle.

And even if some hacks do get detected in the future, Battlelog takes every step to ensure your account doesn’t get banned. 

For example, they have a status page that is updated multiple times a day to ensure you do not end up downloading or using an inactive hack. This is done by a team of developers that keep track of each hack around the clock.

Oh, and there’s a stringent vetting process in place which means only the hacks that can stay hidden from anti-cheats make it to the users (now dominate games without getting into trouble).

Plus, you can also ask for a refund or replacement if needed which will be processed within a matter of days.

Once you purchase a hack, it takes just a few clicks to download, install, and use the cheats. Ensuring that, is the custom-made loader.

Talking about purchasing, Battlelog is one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) hack providers out there. Yup, you can get Cold War hacks for as low as $9. And for other games, it is as low as a dollar (now get hacks without breaking the bank).

Further adding value to the money spent is the quick, responsive customer service you can reach anytime, from anywhere.

And unlike some other hack providers, they didn’t ask me to create an account before accessing the customer care chat, in turn, allowing me to clear any doubts I had before buying.

I contacted them 3 times with 3 different problems and each time got the solution within 5-6 minutes of starting the chat. And connecting to the staff took less than a minute.

And if you still aren’t convinced, don’t forget to check out the 1000+ reviews on their website. From all the sites I tested, was the only one transparent about user reviews (good, bad, ugly, they don’t want to keep anyone in the dark).


Battlelog Cold War Hacks and Cheats

Buy Cold War Hacks and Cheats from RivalCheats

  • Get 24*7 customer service
  • Cold War hacks are available for less than $50
  • Constantly update hack status to prevent account bans
  • You get a refund within days and replacements in minutes
  • Hacks are easy to download and use
  • Accepts payments in 61 different local methods

My next recommendation for Call of Duty Cold War Hacks is which is another great site for those users that want hacks on the cheap.

Yup, you can get hacks like the Cold War Aimbot or Cold War ESP for less than $50.  And that’s true for most other games as well.

And even though cheap the hacks are undetected so you can use them worry-free, especially if you planned to use your real account.

Like Battlelog, they also maintain a status page that is regularly updated to keep users well-informed about the status of the hacks before they use or download them.  The status can vary between Active, Inactive, and Updating.

Another thing I love about them is the 24*7 customer service that you can access without creating an account via chat. Yes, it takes more time to get replies or connect to the staff but the replies are efficient ensuring your queries are solved correctly.

For example, in my first test, I had to wait 5 minutes to connect as I was 7th in the queue. Furthermore, each reply took about 2 minutes, unlike Battlelog where replies were almost instant.

If you want even quicker solutions, don’t forget to check out their FAQ page first where they answer 10+ commonly asked questions like ‘Where Can I Find My Activation Keys’ or ‘What is the Password to Open the Files’, etc.

Furthermore, purchasing hacks on the site is a breeze. That’s because they accept payment in more than 50 ways. This includes local payment methods based on your location and also cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Apart from the slightly slower customer care, another drawback of RivalCheats compared to Battlelog was their limited library of hacks and cheats for games. 

But considering they are adding more and more games every day, I am sure this will be an issue of the past soon.


AimClub Cold War Hacks and Cheats

Buy Cold War Hacks and Cheats from AimClub

  • Support is available 24*7 and there’s a FAQ page
  • Slot system keeps account protected better as hacks are harder to detect
  • Status page tells users which hacks and safe to use
  • Meet like-minded gamers on the forum
  • They have a vast library of hacks and cheats

Last but not least is and the best thing about them is their slot system for hacks and cheats. That means hacks like Cold War ESP, or Cold War Rader, Aimbot, etc can only be used by limited people at a time.

And since limited people would be using the hacks at a time they are harder to detect (just the kind of security you want if you are going to use hacks with your real account).

But that’s not all.

This is over and above the sophisticated anti-detection mechanism developed by an in-hour team of programmers that each cheat is equipped with.

My friend got the Cold War Radar hack and Aimbot hack from here about 25 days back and still uses it without any hassle. The cheat status page keeps you up to date with the status of each hack so you never spend on anything that could be a potential risk.

And in case a hack gets detected after you purchase it. AimClubs also promises to return your money. Not just for that, they’ll even give you back the money if they fail to solve any problem within 24-hours.

Talking about problem-solving, their customer care was a bit of a letdown. Don’t get me wrong, they’ll still solve the problems within 24-hours but the chat isn’t as quick as Battlelog.

I mean why would you wait on chat for 8-minutes or even 6-minutes when your entire problem could be resolved in that period, right?

Also, they are a little expensive compared to Battlelog or RivalCheats especially for other COD games like Modern Warfare and Warzone as hacks can cost you around $100 or more.

Sure you get great benefits in those packs but if you are on a budget, Battlelog is my number 1 pick for you.

Oh, and not forget, while the slot system does provide added security, it also limits the number of people that can use the hack at a time so it isn’t available 24*7.

Irrespective of those minor drawbacks, still outperforms others as it is a legit site that cares about your account’s safety.

COD: Cold War Hacks and Cheats: My Verdict

Well, that’s all folks, that’s my list of the best hack providers for Cold War Aimbot, ESP, Radar, Wallhack, and for other games as well.

Battlelog is the undisputed #1 whether it comes to the hacks being undetected or customer service. It is also the only one with legit customer reviews on the site (that’s the kind of transparency other sites cannot match).

RivalCheats is also a good budget option with decent customer service while I love the fact that AimClub has a slot system for hacks that further reduces their chances of being detected. Sure it limits how much you can use it but it is great for those that want to use their real accounts.

The reason I picked only 3 sites is that most of the other sites in the test had a ticket system which means replies would take days if not weeks. Plus, on a lot of them the hacks got detected within days and some of them never even refunded me for them.

Yes, I lost money so you wouldn’t so make sure you get hacks and cheats for your games only from tried and tested sources.

Charlie Cvetković
Written By

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