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Leave a Legacy: The Best Traditions in Stellaris

Traditions in Stellaris are a measure of how far your society has evolved. These abilities unlock as you progress in the game when you spend Unity, and offer amazing bonuses once active. There are seven tradition trees, but here are the best traditions in Stellaris.


Supremacy is one of the best traditions in Stellaris

If you govern over an empire prone to go to war, then Supremacy is for you. This tradition focuses on improving the abilities of your ship fleet and construction, and your commanders.

Adoption Effect

  • Increases your Starbase capacity by 2.
  • Increases your army damage by 20%.

Tier 1

  • Reduces shipbuilding cost by 10%, and increases shipbuilding speed by 25%.
  • Reduces ship upkeep by 10%, and increases naval capacity by 20%.
  • Increases ship fire rate by 10%, and increases bombardment damage by 20%.

Tier 2

  • Increases your fleet command limit by 20, and increases your admiral level cap by 2.
  • Increases your Starbase damage by 20%, decreases your upgrade cost for Starbases by 33%, and decreases the defense platform build cost by 33%

Finisher Effect

  • You unlock the ultra-useful War Doctrine polices.


If you want to explore every square inch of the galaxy and become a wiser ruler for it, the Discovery tradition provides you with every skill you need to make that happen. This is one of the best traditions in Stellaris.

Adoption Effect

  • Unlocks the Map the Stars edict.
  • Increase anomaly research speed by 20%

Tier 1

  • Increases survey speed by 35% and gives you a 50% science ship disengage chance.
  • Adds an additional research alternative, and increases your scientist level cap by 2.

Tier 2

  • Increases the output of your research stations by 10%, and unlocks the Research Subsidies edict.
  • Increases your leader experience gain by 25%, and increases their level cap by 1.

Tier 3

  • Decreases researcher upkeep by 20%

Finisher Effect

  • Increases research speed by 10%.


Domination is about reducing crime, making better leaders, and improving the performance of your labor force. All of these increase the strength of your government, which ensures that your empire lasts for generations.

Adoption Effect

  • Reduces the cost to clear blockers by 33.3%.

Tier 1

  • Increases governor’s level cap by 2.
  • Upgraded capitals and residence buildings gain an additional point for housing.
  • Reduces crime from jobs by 20%.

Tier 2

  • Increases your ruler’s level cap by 2.
  • Worker and slave output increase by 5%. Slaves benefit twice from this.

Finisher Effect

  • You gain 1 additional resource per month.


This tradition is all about growing your empire as fast as you can. Several of the upgrades increase Pops and Pop growth rate, and there are some great opportunities to reduce costs on Starbases.

Adoption Effect

  • 25% increase to colony development speed.

Tier 1

  • 10% reduction in Starbase Influence cost.
  • Additional Pop on new colonies.

Tier 2

  • 25% less empire sprawl from systems and planets.
  • 20% reduction in Starbase upkeep.
  • 10% increase to Pop growth rate.

Finisher Effect

  • Your district cap increases by 1 for all non-artificial planets.

Completing The Tree

Completing an entire tradition tree will unlock an ascension perk slot that grants even more bonuses. It’s a win-win.

Make sure to check out our guide on that and other tips and tricks for how to win at Stellaris.

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