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Best PUBG Hack Providers for 2021

Looking for undetected hacks from reliable hack providers so you can win some more chicken dinners or your first? Well, this blog is going to help  you with just that,

Finding good hack providers can be tough and there’s a good chance you’ll be scammed (trust me, been there, been scammed).

But that’s the gap I am looking to bridge. So I set out to find the best PUBG hack providers and here’s who I picked after going through 15+ sites.

Note: I picked a provider with a good customer, refund policy, regularly updated status page, and most importantly, undetected hacks.

Best PUBG Hack Providers for 2021

Image Product
BattleLog PUBG Hacks
  • Get help 24*7 via chat or discord
  • PUBG hacks have been undetected for 25+ days
  • Hacks are regularly updated and quickly flagged when detected
RivalCheats PUBG Hacks
  • Chat works 24*7 without the need to create an account
  • Making payments is made hassle-free thanks to 61+ modes
  • Hacks are available at Pocket-friendly prices
AimClub PUBG Hacks
  • Comes with a special slot system for each hack to prevent detection
  • PUBG have remained undetected for about a month
  • They have a library of game hacks


Battlelog PUBG Hacks

Buy PUBG Hacks from Battlelog

  • Get help 24*7 via chat or discord
  • PUBG hacks have been undetected for 25+ days
  • In-house programmers release hacks after strict testing
  • Hacks are regularly updated and quickly flagged when detected
  • Become part of their 100,000+ member community
  • Hacks are easy to download, install, and use
  • Hacks on Battlelog are cost-effective

At #1 is a company that I have been using for over 2 months now for COD: Warzone hacks and 25+ days for PUBG hacks, and they all work like a charm. 

Here’s why I think they have been undetected for so long.

Firstly, has a strict vetting process where a team of in-house developers work 24*7 testing hacks for weeks before release. They also monitor released hacks and regularly update them to ensure they aren’t susceptible to anti-chat mechanisms.

Whether a hack is active, deactivated, or undergoing an update, you’ll know all about it via the Status Page that is regularly updated. So you know when it was last updated, you can see the date in big and bold letters on top.

This ensures you never waste a penny on an inactive hack or lose your gaming account because of it.

Apart from that, their customer service is top-notch. 3 problems, each solved within 5 minutes each, and I didn’t have to wait for more than 2-3 minutes in the queue. You can connect via chat without creating an account.

And once you create an account, you can get help via Discord or their FAQ page as well. Your discord request will be accepted within a few hours. Another good resource page is their 100k+ community. 

Meet with gamers, form teams, or have problems resolved, there’s always someone to help you there.

Also, building trust is the fact that they are one of the few sites to showcase user reviews. Bad or good, Battlelog’s transparency is commendable. 

And even if you did have a problem. Battlelog’s refund policy is one of the most lenient I have come across as it does not specify any time limit for applying for a refund. Just get in touch with customer care and you’ll have your refund processed within days.

And if you still had your doubts, another reason Battlelog is worth the chance is that they are pocket-friendly. Yes, on Battlelog, you can get PUBG hacks for as low as $5 and even 30-day access will cost you around $50.

Lastly, the custom-loader makes installing and using hacks a breeze. Even if you are working with the loader for the first time, it takes less than 2 minutes to figure it all out.

Plus, their large database means there’s no hack you won’t find here (Aimbot, Wallhack, ESP, Radar, Battlelog has it all for you).


Rivalcheats PUBG Hacks

Buy PUBG Hacks from RivalCheats

  • Chat works 24*7 without the need to create an account
  • Making payments is made hassle-free thanks to 61+ modes.
  • The Status page is updated every day to keep users well-informed
  • Hacks are available at Pocket-friendly prices
  • RivalCheat PUBG Hacks have been undetected for 20+ days 

Undetected hacks were the most important criteria for me when I was looking for hacks and cheat providers and RivalCheats provides exactly that.

I got 30-day access from them around the same time as Battlelog and it continues to work like a charm. Furthermore, their pricing is similar to Battlelog as well. This means 24-hour access costs just $5 while the 30-day access is about $50.

So why is Battlelog my top-pick?

Well, that’s because Battlelog has top-notch customer care. Don’t get me wrong. RivalCheats also has a 24-hour chat service that is pretty efficient. For each problem, they provided me with the correct solution within 5-6 minutes.

But connecting to them took way more time. I had to wait in the queue for around 8 minutes each time. 

Furthermore, they clearly state that they do not provide any refunds once you download and use the hack.

So should you not trust RivalCheats?

Well, not more than Battlelog, but yes, RivalCheats is worthy of #2. One of the reasons for that being that they are also equally serious about keeping their hacks undetected and your account protected.

This is why they have an in-house team of programmers that develop, monitor, and update hacks. And yes, you are informed at every step about the hacks thanks to the Status page that is updated pretty much every day.

I also love that making payments here is hassle-free. Don’t have a debit card or PayPal? No problem. RivalCheats accepts local payment methods. Not just that, you can also use Bitcoin for your hacks (there are over 61 payment methods to choose from).

And also, while 8-10 minutes of waiting might seem like a dealbreaker, most sites out there hack a ticketing system. This means you get replies after days, sometimes weeks (if any).

It would be great if RivalCheats also became equally transparent with user reviews or had forum and Discord but considering their hacks are undetected and pocket-friendly pricing, they are worth the consideration.


AimClub PUBG Hacks

Buy PUBG Hacks from AimClub

  • Comes with a special slot system for each hack to prevent detection
  • Get a solution within minutes with the 24*7 chat
  • PUBG have remained undetected for about a month
  • They have a library of game hacks 
  • The team of developers ensure detected hacks are quickly flagged on the Status page

Another site that is a good alternative to RivalCheats is And what sets them apart from the rest is their slot system

Yes, they have a specific number of slots for all their hacks. This means only a limited number of people can use a hack at a time which, in turn, increases the chances of the hacks being undetected.

Does it really work?

Absolutely. The AimClub 30-day access has been going strong for 20 days now. A friend of mine recently renewed his 30-days access and hasn’t faced any issues yet.

Though it also means that, on odd occasions, the hack won’t be available to you. A small price for anyone that wants to use hacks with their real account and needs an additional layer of security.

Another thing AimClub does to protect your account is to give you the latest on the status of each hack. Yes, they too have a team of developers working around the clock to keep the hacks up and running by monitoring, and updating the hacks with sophisticated anti-cheat mechanisms.

The customer service wasn’t up to par with Battlelog but having waited for days after sending ticket requests on some sites, I don’t see this as a major setback.

It just means you’ll have to wait about 7-8 minutes in the queue and replies can vary between 2-4 minutes. Though I like that they promise to give you a 100% return if the problem isn’t solved within 24-hours after being raised.

Also, the chat allows you to attach files so you can easily send screenshots for a better understanding of any problem, in turn, helping speed up resolutions.

Another way to get a quick-fire solution is their FAQ page so don’t forget to check that out as you wait in the queue. Keep in mind that there’s no discord or forum here either,

Talking about refunds, while their policy isn’t as lenient as Battlelog, getting in touch with the customer care and explaining your problem can work.

There are also no customer reviews. But considering most hack providers aren’t as transparent as Battlelog, this isn’t a major red flag.

The only reason AimClub is below RivalCheats is the pricing. At AimClub, the same hacks were priced higher by $5 to $10. Not a huge amount, and yes, it is cheaper than most other sites but why pay $30 when you get the same hacks for $25 on Battlelog, right?

Best PUBG Hack Providers for 2021: The Verdict

Well, these are the sites that I turn to when I need a hack for any game. is the clear winner in this race. Its transparency remains unmatched and my hacks for Warzone, PUBG, etc have been undetected for weeks and months. They also have the quickest response rate when it comes to customer service.

RivalCheats is a worthy consideration. The customer service won’t be as quick but pricing and undetected hacks ensure you get value for your money.

AimClub’s slot system is unique but limits your usage. The prices are also on the higher side and customer response time could have been better. If you are going to use your real account, getting your hacks from AimClub makes sense.

Charlie Cvetković
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