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AC Valhalla Indre Holm Guide: How to Find

If you’ve wandered around the plains of Asgard in AC Valhalla, then you’ll probably have come across Indre Holm. This island sits in the center of the map and it contains some interesting stuff to find.

To help you explore Indre Holm and reap the rewards it has to offer, we’ve put together this handy little guide.

Exploring Indre Holm in AC Valhalla

There are several places, missions, and wealth opportunities for you to find and try on Indre Holm.

The Valhalla Bound World Event

Firstly, Indre Holm is home to the shortest world event (Valhalla Bound) that will initially appear as a mystery on your map. It is here that you get to talk to Einherjar, a fallen warrior who has just arrived in Asgard. Valhalla Bound will only become active once you reach the Defensive Measures mission.

This means that for Einherjar to spawn, you have to make some significant progress through the Asgard questline.

The First Wealth of Indre Holm

In turn, AC Valhalla’s Indre Holm also has two wealth opportunities for the player. The first can be located in the ocean near the northern part of the island. Here, you will find a floating wooden palette. Beneath this palette is a hidden underwater cave that is blocked off entirely with wood—melee attack this wood to get past it.

Don’t give up too soon, you’ll break through it eventually—-the wood is pretty tough to break. Once you’re past this tough wood, you will encounter a puzzle that combines beams and doors. At the end of this puzzle, you’ll see two final doors, where you can find the first wealth behind the door on the left.

The Second Wealth of Indre Holm

Additionally, there is a second wealth opportunity hidden on Indre Holm. The second wealth only becomes available during the eighth quest in the Asgard questline (The Big Finish). Without spoiling too much, the chest becomes available when the location opens up during a cut scene between the player (you) and Loki.

Once this location opens, you’ll see a statue facing you—the second wealth can be found behind this statue. If you’re struggling to find the second wealth, you can use Odin’s Sight to help you see it.

Next Steps for AC Valhalla Players

Now you know what AC Valhalla’s Indre Holme has to offer, you can go out and confidently explore the island and get closer to 100% completion.

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